Stop you iPhone being turn off by the thieves that had taken your iPhone and trying to off the tracking of FindMyiPhone app

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen you lost your iPhone then the only way to track your iPhone is the FindmyiPhone app that allow you to remote access of your device to track it and lost all the sensitive data and to lock it to disallow any other person to use the device. But the major thing you do is tracking your device that is only possible when the device is actually on and the mostly issues come in that case is that the thieves that got the iPhone do the first thing is turning off the device. And that is why the owner doesn’t able to track its device, But what if you make your device to prevent the thieve to turn off your device. Yes its possible, you can do this in your device and thats easily possible with the guide that we are going to discuss right here. So have a look on complete tutorial to proceed.

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How To Stop Thieves From Turning Off Your iPhone

The method is simple and will work if you have admin access of your iPhone that is jailbreak using which you will be adding up the cool feature that will help you to stop anyone to turn your device off. And this will be done using cydia. So follow up the steps below to proceed.

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Steps to Stop Thieves From Turning Off Your iPhone:

1. First of all you need a jailbreak iPhone.

2. After jailbreak go to Cydia app of your iPhone and install iCaughtU Pro app in it by searching this app there the app is paid and you can pay a little for the better security of your device.

3. Now after installing the app you need to go to Settings and then there go to Activator menu and there you will find this app and then simply activate this app.ios 1

4. Now tap on the app and you need to enter the security passcode for this that will be needed while turning of your device.ios 2

5. Thats it you are done, now your device is secure and any other person will not turn it off and you can easily use this feature to make your FindMyiPhone work perfectly.

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So above is all about How To Stop Thieves From Turning Off Your iPhone. With this you can easily secure your device from the thieves by disallowing them to turn your device off. As there will be need of passcode to do that and that passcode is only known to you. And thats only possible with the cool cydia tweak that we had discussed right here. So must try this out, do share with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.