Police arrested teen student for hacking his school computer using his Girlfriend’s internet to change his grades along with two others and gets arrested.

Student Hacks System And Changed Grades, Gets Arrested

There were lots of hacking attempts going on. It isn’t a surprise to hear students hacking their school websites in order to cancel exams or change grades. Back in February, this year we have seen 17-year-old teen was arrested for hacking school computers and changing grades.

A few days back we had also seen 17-year-old teenager hacked into his country’s president’s website in order to get enough authorities to cancel the exams. However, he faced a fine of $2,000 and up to 3 years in jail.

Now the similar type of hacking event had occurred. Chase Arthur Hughes who is a student of Kennesaw State university, Georgia was arrested by the police for hacking his school’s private network. Let’s know the news in detail.

The Student of Kennesaw State University (KSU) was arrested by police because he hacked into the school’s computer system to change grades and stealing personal data.

According to the reports from Fox5atlanta, Chase Arthur Hughes accessed KSU’s Owl Express software in order to change grades of himself along with three other students. The police reported that Hughes used his girlfriend’s internet to do the task.

After accessing KSU’s Owl Express software, Hughes changed his grades from B to A and for other two students he changes an F to A and a C to A. However, things went wrong for Hughes. KSU’s Owl Express software notified the professor the login credentials used to modify the grades.

Local policies were quick enough to track the path back to Chase Arthur Hughes and found a notebook at his house where police discovered the account credentials of 36 Professors of the KSU. Hughes also accessed some sensitive information like medical and financial records, employment history.

So now the question is how Chase Arthur Hughes managed to obtain the username and passwords of so many professors. Hughes has been charged with computer invasion of privacy, computer trespassing, and computer forgery.