This Temporary Tattoo Can Control Your Smartphone

Regarded by many as an art, the tattoo market has been growing, and demand is increasing. But, beyond the traditional designs, illustrations, and artwork, Microsoft Research, and MIT Media Lab recently unveiled a project that will allow people to have temporary tattoos that can be used to control their smartphones.

This Temporary Tattoo Can Control Your Smartphone

Many of you might be wondering, what am I talking about? What if I tell you that soon you can control your Smartphone through a temporary tattoo? But it is true, after having shown one electronic tattoo that will not let you drink too much, now is the time to introduce the DuoSkin project.

According to the information disclosed, MIT and the tech giant Microsoft are working on a project aiming to use tattoos and provide them with features to interact with devices, such as our smartphones, computers, and smart devices. These temporary tattoos are composed of a thin gold sheet and can be customized.


In terms of features, with this tattoo, the user can simply control the device’s sound, become a touchpad, share information via NFC, etc.

The DuoSkin is a fabrication process that enables anyone to create customized functional devices which can be attached directly to Their skin. DuoSkin draws from the aesthetics of metallic jewelry-like temporary tattoos to create on-skin devices Resembling jewelry. Using gold metal leaf, the material which is used is very cheap in price, skin-friendly, and robust for everyday wear, as they created three types of on-skin interfaces: touch sensing input, displaying output, and wireless communication.

DuoSkin devices enable users to control Their mobile devices, display information, and store information on Their skin while serving as a statement of personal style. We believe that in the future, on-skin electronics will no longer be black-boxed and mystified; instead, They will converge towards the user friendliness, extensibility, and aesthetics of body decorations, forming the DuoSkin integrated to the extent That It has seemingly disappeared.

Cindy Hsin Kao Liu, a project member, stated that such tattoos would create interfaces directly to people’s skin. The idea is that tattoos are stylish but also functional. There is no information for release dates and prices in the market.


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