Although not widely known, much of the software that Tesla uses in its cars is based on Linux. However, now according to the latest reports, the car company of Elon Musk, of course, I am talking about Tesla has started open sourcing some of its software after facing criticism.

Tesla Starts Open Sourcing Some Software Code

Although not widely known, much of the software that Tesla uses in its cars is based on Linux. The company makes use of the open-source software that is available and changes it for its hardware and for its needs.

Contrary to what would be expected, it has not contributed to this code and was reluctant to reveal it. This has now changed, with the release of part of the code on GitHub, open to all.

In addition to all the hardware that equips Tesla cars, much of their intelligence is built on the software the company has created and maintains. Much of the base of this software is based on open-source platforms that everyone can access.

Tesla shows the code of its applications

As expected in the open-source community, the changed code must be made public, so others can evaluate it and incorporate it into other applications. Tesla, after a long time turned to itself, has now decided to become part of its public code.

It is not, of course, any software code that it uses, but it is already a big opening for this company. To give access to this code, it has put it on GitHub, in two different areas, because it is different software.

What open-source code does Tesla have available?

For now, and in good faith, Tesla has made public part of the code that is used in its Autopilot system, as well as the kernel of the Autopilot boards and the NVIDIA Tegra-based entertainment system used in Model S and Model X.

As expected, this code does not allow these systems to be replicated and built on other cars. It is code that is known to be outdated and is only part of what is required for this system to work.

Although limited and out of date, the availability of this code reveals that Tesla wants to contribute and to know all the bases of the software that equips its cars.

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