Did You Know The World's Cheapest iPhones Are Sold At Just $400?
Did You Know The World's Cheapest iPhones Are Sold At Just $400?

Well, the craze of iPhones is never-ending, but they are expensive. However, this country has the cheapest price for iPhone in the whole world.

Did You Know The World’s Cheapest iPhones Are Sold At Just $400?

We all must agree that the craze of iPhone is never-ending! We could also say that the smartphone world was firmly divided into two camps – to buy an iPhone or to not buy an iPhone. But, most of the people skip iPhones because they are expensive.

Here is exciting news for iPhone lovers. Well, iPhone’s high-end models like iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are the most expensive smartphones you can buy. What if we tell you that you can purchase iPhone at just $400? Won’t you be super-excited and want to buy one right now?

Well, in Angola, Africa you can get the latest iPhone for the lowest price across the globe for as little as $400, which is lesser that the cost of a OnePlus 3T. The cost of iPhone in Angola is $401.4 per piece. You might be wondering why such low prices? Well, this is because the taxes on consumer products are very low.

Now after Angola, you can get iPhone for the US $413.58 in Japan, US $470.74 in China, US $475.94 in Finland and US $498.25 at UAE. The reports have been shown by Linio Technology Price Index, they have compared the prices of various iPhone models in 72 countries and came up with this report.

The listing doesn’t show any particular iPhone model. It talked about iPhones in general. Here is the list of countries where you can purchase iPhones at low prices:

  • Angola – $401
  • Japan – $413
  • China – $470
  • Finland – $475
  • UAE – $498
  • India – $505
  • Romania – $513
  • Saudi Arabia – $513
  • Ukraine – $527
  • Malaysia – $532
  • USA – $625

The same report also shows a shocking result. You will be shocked to know the price of each iPhone unit costs in Venezuela. If you are buying the iPhone from Venezuela, then it will cost you a whopping $97,814.

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