12 Things To Remember Before Buying A Used Smartphone

Today many buyers prefer second-hand or used smartphones because of the low-cost factor. But there are certain things that users don’t know about and can invite troubles after purchasing a used smartphone.

Things To Remember Before Buying A Used Smartphone

No doubt that used smartphones can save you money, but they can even cost you more if you don’t check some essential things properly before buying them. So have a look at all these things listed below.

1. Don’t Buy a Device That’s Too Old

The price of smartphones has gone down considerably over the past few years. These days, new smartphone technologies are invented now and then.

So, if you are planning to purchase a used smartphone, make sure it’s not too old. If you buy a too-old smartphone, you may miss many new features. Also, the app incompatibility issues can’t be ruled out as well.

2. Where To Buy

Where To Buy

When choosing online sites to buy a used smartphone, you must consider trusted sites.

You must choose a site that offers buy in-person. Please don’t buy any device without manually checking it. Several sites out there provide users with a way to meet the sellers.

3. Know When To Buy

Know When To Buy

Well, most users purchase a new smartphone just after its successor comes out. This is when the early adopters sell their previous smartphone for the new one. So, if you want a good phone while maximizing your savings, you should pick a smartphone after its successor comes out.

4. The Return Policy

Things To Remember Before Buying A Used Smartphone

Physical damage is something we look for before purchasing a used smartphone. However, if the device had some hardware or software problem, it might take a bit longer to show the effects.

Therefore, always buy a smartphone from a user willing to give a rock-solid return policy. In this case, if your phone malfunctions after 2-3 days, you could return it.

5. Check What’s Beside the Phone

Check What's Beside the Phone

It’s worth noting that the bonus included with the smartphones can also give you valuable information about the seller. While purchasing a used smartphone, always look at what you are getting besides the phone.

For example, getting the original box is a sign that you aren’t looking at a stolen device. The thing here is to use your brain while making the deal.

6. Make sure the Device Is Unlocked

Check to Be Sure the Device Is Unlocked

Locked Smartphones are less expensive, yet this is as it should be. While you can unlock a cell phone, this includes extra costs and some issues you may have to face.

So, if you purchase a used smartphone, ensure it’s unlocked.

7. Make Sure It’s Not Stolen

Make Sure It’s Not Stolen

Another important thing you should remember before buying a used smartphone is to check whether the phone is stolen. Anyone who steals a smartphone can look for buyers like you to sell the phone as quickly as possible.

The best way to ensure the phone is not stolen is by asking the seller to provide you with a hard copy of the phone’s bill. Make sure the IMEI number on the bill should match the phone. You should carefully examine the store’s name, warranty details, etc.

8. Check The Bill

Check The Bill

You can check if the phone has a valid IMEI Number; type *#06#, and it will show you the unique number assigned to every mobile phone. Well, check the same unique number in the BILL. Genuine Bill has an IMEI number mentioned in it, or you can also check the smartphone box.

9. Carefully Examine the Phone’s Physical Appearance

Carefully Examine the Phone’s Physical Appearance

Before purchasing a second-hand smartphone, undertake a physical inspection of the phone. You need to check for cracks in the display, the phone’s speaker vent, physical keys, etc. You must also check the screen by swiping your fingers and tapping on a few menus.

10. Check out the batteries

Check out the batteries

Most users who prefer to buy second-hand smartphones skip this step. Well, the battery gives a clear view of the smartphone’s condition.

Check whether the smartphone has a swollen battery or a normal one. Batteries swell because of overuse or because of water damage.

11. Price


When considering the price, address whether it’s offered at a reasonable cost. If it is too low, this is suspicious – the gadget may be stolen or damaged. The price too high is also not justified.

You need to verify how much similar smartphones cost new on locales, for example, Amazon, eBay, or BestBuy, and this will provide insight into whether the buy is a deal or a sham.

12. Check the Hardware Functions (Samsung)

Check the Hardware Functions (Samsung)

Just type in *#0*# to easily check all the hardware functions in Samsung phones. It will show you the screen, which includes testing of Vibration, Sensor, Dimming, Touch, Speaker, and much more.

So, these are the things you need to remember before buying a used smartphone. If you want to share more tips on buying a used smartphone, let us know in the comments below.


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