This Camera of 6mm Thick Can Takes Images and Videos Too
This Camera of 6mm Thick Can Takes Images and Videos Too

InShortViral: This camera can take images and videos which is in HD, and you can actually feel yourself fly after you hang it on your neck, yeah, see the feature you will loved to grab it.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he aim in recent years in the production of smartphones was undoubtedly developed, the smartphones are day by day coming with new technology with new features and a slimmer body. If we add that the screens at larger and with increasingly higher resolution, the cameras are able to take snapshots with higher resolution and perfect quality record video which will be in HD, this has led to cameras conventional photos have been displaced into the background.

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This Camera of 6mm Thick Can Takes Images and Videos Too

And today, rare is the person who doesn’t leave home without their own smartphone in their pocket, however not only a smartphone but also the internet is very much essential in today’s life, even people also use internet to use camera such as navigation and photo location in camera, basically in GPS way used in camera. the overall way today’s generation is really trying to get more awesome things just like the camera today I showing you.

However, this trend to miniaturize electronically, such devices has also come with cameras, perhaps to boost a market that is currently displayed on the wane.

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So this new camera with new technology you definitely loved to see and yes also loved to use it around, it is a device that can be measured by paper or paperboard, which is only 6mm thick and is able to take photos and record video record in HD.

This curious Retro Camera is known for its extreme thinness and material with which it is made of​​, since as can be seen in the images, both the back and front are made ​​of paper [can’t you believe that just made in paper] [Rainy Days will be the enemy] and just a couple of plastic parts are those They take care of them together jointly. It also has an LED light which indicates the status of the battery [Oghhh that’s cool] and the operating mode a button on and off is actually working [lol], another switch to switch between photo mode and video mode as well and you can connect it via USB 2.0 with a computer and slot for microSD cards up to 16 GB. [Being soo lite you will fly in Air while taking pictures shuuuuuh]

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It can take pictures with a resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels and record video at 720 x 480 pixels with a 30fps. It has a built-in battery 120mAh and even a belt with which you can hang it around his neck although I’m sure you will not realize that you wearing that which is only weighs 43 grams. [As I said you will flyyy]

Of course, it is not the camera that look professional photography but it sure can be a great alternative for many users who are a real fan of photography with realistic technology like this, as it already appears in Japanese site at a price of only 3,299 Japanese yen which is $ 28. It is not sure that the gadget will be available in other region but it is quite attractive.