Tips for YouTube Beginners in 2019
Tips for YouTube Beginners in 2019

Are you inspired by someone’s success on YouTube or want to bring out your creativity in
front of the World or want to experiment something new in Life?

The reason for starting a YouTube channel could be anything from casual to professional needs. If you are right now at the first step, here are few tips for YouTube beginners.

1. Learn Basic Video Editing

“I am just starting up” shouldn’t be a reason for publishing bad videos. Even the basic
standards of general viewers have risen on YouTube thanks to the quality stuff being

If not unmatchable, videos produced should be acceptable by the audience. Videos should
not be published without editing at any cost to avoid embarrassment.
Use a simple video editor like Movavi Editor Plus or anything suitable for casual YouTube
editors. You want quick solutions at the beginning with the minimal learning curve. Also, pricing should be as low as possible so use Movavi discount coupon to save your budget.

2. Create Ritual and Be Consistent

A video on every Thursday or every Weekends or maybe twice a week; Create a ritual to
publish videos before even stepping into it. YouTube market is highly crowded now and
viewers expect a regular dose of content.
For continuous growth and building loyal subscribers, you must decide on ritual and
promise to yourself to follow it.

If your idea of starting YouTube channel is earning, then let me tell you that there is a pre-
requisite. Your channel should have 4000 watch hours and 10K subscribers to start
monetizing it.
This change in policy has cleaned out anyone who is not much serious about creating
content. I suggest that you must have video titles for at least a month ready in advance.

3. Pricey Cameras aren’t Essential

It’s not about the camera you use but the content you present.
Mostly, people get deluded by the fancy cameras out there. They think that the best camera in the market would give the best output but that’s not true.
It’s 2019 where movies are recorded on cellphones. Smartphones have great cameras today which includes features like optical zoom, image stabilization, and noise cancellation too.
Just above-average smartphone should do the trick if you manage to bring out creative
If you are preparing a channel on eLearning, even that isn’t a requirement because video
editor includes screencast feature. It is easy to record computer screen and give a voice
over then and there.

4. Don’t Forget SEO

Marketing is as important as creation or probably more.
The content you produce should be optimized in accordance with Search engine rules. Starting with the video title- “My Vlog Episode #1…” sound okay but it doesn’t give any hint to viewer or search engines.
Title of the video should be specific and should describe what is in your videos.
Description of the video should be as brief as possible as text inside this space is considered for finding relevancy and understanding more about the video.
That’s not it. Tags should be properly given after making keyword research and checking
out videos published by other channels on the same topic. You can use SEO tools for YouTube ranging from sniffers to Keyword revealers which come in the form on standby application or Chrome extensions.

5. Stop Comparing

Don’t compare your beginning with someone’s middle or end.

A quick way to get disappointed in comparison. You are just starting up the journey so don’t let yourself compare it with someone who has reached a milestone in their career.
There will be always channels doing better than you, catering more number of subscribers
and views. However, don’t forget that even they started the journey from zero.
Instead of getting disappointed and jealous, you can look at their channels as an inspiration.
Learn more techniques from them and observe where are they good at. It will help you
improve yourself and deliver more awesome content.

6. Create Customized Thumbnails

Unlike Google, it’s not always the first search result in getting more clicks on Google. Even the
newbies can stand out in the search result and grab the attention of the viewer.
It’s possible if you create an eye-catching thumbnail. Make it look different, make it powerful
with bright colors and utilize that small image to attract eyeballs.
We have published a list of YouTube Thumbnail makers so if you are no good at image
editing, make use of online tools to get it done.

7. Video Title

There are two elements that contribute to a great video click-through rate – the title and
the thumbnail. If these are not compelling enough, they won’t make people click on your video.
Please don’t make click-bait titles misleading viewers but use the creativity to justify the
content being published. Be true with the titles and deliver what is said. It will help to
gain more CTR (click through rate to your videos) and rank higher in search results.

8. Engagement and Collaboration

Don’t forget that YouTube is a community. You must be social and interact with your
viewers in comments and engage them with quality content.
Not just the viewers but also, if you get a chance, collaborate with other YouTubers. It will
spread your name among the community and exposure to their viewership.
Connect with other content creators by commenting on their videos. Don’t just write “check
out my channel”, it won’t give great results. Leave a genuine comment and get their

That was all about the essential things you must know before beginning your vlogging
career on YouTube. If you think we missed something, please let us know by commenting
below. It will help fellow readers and also you get to chance to interact with others who are
just at your stage.


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