It is well known that the king of the photo retouching is one and only ‘Adobe Photoshop’. As it is a program for Windows and Mac versions and widely used by designers and fans. However, the price of Adobe Photoshop is not within the reach of all but the good news is that there are good alternatives.

Top 5 Best Free Photoshop Alternatives

Photoshop is one of the reference names in the segment of image editing software. However, the price of Adobe Photoshop is not within the reach of all but the good news is that there are good alternatives.

Today we will present 5 free alternatives to fantastic Photoshop. In addition to expensive, who venture into the world of Photoshop is facing a steep learning curve but, with time, there if you want you can master the software.

The alternatives that we present today have a number of very interesting features and additionally operate in a simple browser. Some of these solutions are more robust than others so it is important that try to find out what best suits your needs.

1. Pixlr

Pixlr is an image editor that is available online. It is simple to use and offers a wide range set of functions.

Pixlr is available in two versions: Editor and Express. The Editor version provides a layout similar to Photoshop while the Express version, as the name suggests, is more basic that it allows only take a few touches on the images.

2. Photoshop Express Editor

This Adobe tool is fantastic because it is available for free, it allows anyone to edit a picture, correct defects, balance the brightness, add effects and artistic filters, frames and other embellishment details.

The online version of Photoshop Express Editor is available here.

3. Polarr

If you need a good tool to apply filters to photos then Polarr is a one of the best suggestion, as it has many key functions from which the user can easily enhance the images and even it has a smooth interface which is really user-friendly.

4. SumoPaint

SumoPaint is one of the most comprehensive online tools for editing images. Like other platforms presented, the SumoPaint has a very elegant, fluid and well-organized interface. As a weak point, only advertising that is displayed in the interface itself.

5. Gimp

It is almost as powerful as Photoshop and program is free. In addition, Gimp is available for all platforms and is highly recommended for those who use Linux or refuse to buy or pirating Photoshop option. In my case, I learned to use Photoshop several years ago, and this gives me everything I want, so I switched to Gimp though it is unnecessary (though Gimp is free). However, it has many robust features for photo retouching as well as it also has smooth and user-friendly user interface.

So, all these are our proposals for those who need an image editing tool ever with some potential. As mentioned all these tools are available online and have a free version available. Try and get to know each other, then tell us and share your thoughts regarding this tools.



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