We all know very well that the followers that the well-known micro-messaging social network Twitter has. The “followers”, as they are known, is our audience, but sometimes we do not really know who is behind. As the purchase of followers is a common practice, especially among political leaders and “influencers” users. However, now according to the latest reports, the well-known micro-messaging social network, of course, Twitter removed millions of fake accounts.

Twitter Removes Millions Of Fake Accounts | Trump Loses 100K Followers

We all know about the followers that the well-known micro-messaging social network Twitter has. The “followers”, as they are known, is our audience, but sometimes we do not really know who is behind.

In an exercise of transparency and in the search to improve the conversation, the US multinational will begin to adjust the number of followers that appear in the profiles of users that are “frozen or restricted”.

Thereafter, they will be removed from fan accounts. As the intention of the social network is simply to ensure that the followers of each one are those who really care about you and have some daily activity.

As within this type of accounts that will be subtracted from the individual counter are also those that have been “hacked” and makes use of them strangely. The idea, therefore, is to allow the numbers of followers, which are visible to the whole world and used as a reference of relevance, to be “more precise and reliable”.

A measure that will begin to spread among its 336 million users as of this Wednesday progressively. Then, a Twitter user will presumably find that his/her followers account has slightly decreased.

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The company estimates that it will have an impact of about 4 or 5 “followers” on average in most profiles, although in the case of “influencers” users who have a greater number of followers it will be appreciated to a greater degree and they can experience a most significant decline.

Reasons to be “frozen”

The technology company understands by “frozen or restricted” profiles those who have had some “sudden suspicious behavior” or those who have not confirmed their email account for verification in internal records can simply eliminate all the inactive accounts in the network.

“Sometimes we can also block an account if we see combinations of emails or passwords from other services published online and we believe that this information may compromise the security of the account. Until we confirm that everything is in order we can block that account, which can not tweet or see ads,” say sources of the technology company.

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Despite the doubts about other types of figures, the well-known micro-messaging social network Twitter has not incorporated in this “cleaning” any “bot” or any accounts or activated automated profiles. Moreover, the purchase of followers, a common practice among political leaders and “influencers” users, is a more complicated resource to detect.

The accounts that are eliminated from the followers counter will not be eliminated, but they will not be added, as the micro-messaging social network Twitter itself has confirmed. And the work that begins this July implies tens of millions of frozen accounts, approximately 6% of followers on Twitter. Moreover, according to The Washington Post, the US President, of course, Donald Trump has deposed a slash of 100,000 followers and not only that as the former President of the US, of course, Barack Obama’s Twitter follower count has also decreased by 400,000.

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