How to Easily Read Twitter Threads like a Blog Post

Twitter is a great social networking platform for connecting with celebrities. It’s also an exciting place for watching videos, reading the news, etc. Even though Twitter is feature-rich, it’s still hard to read a big threaded tweet.

Actually, Twitter’s threaded tweet feature allows users to post long-form content by replying to their tweets. And a few threads were so lengthy that reading them became a nightmare.

However, reading long Twitter threads shouldn’t be that frustrating, so it’s best to convert a threaded tweet into a blog post. You can install and use the Thread Reader Chrome extension to convert a threaded tweet into a simple blog post.

Read Twitter Threads like a Blog Post

Hence, if you are interested in converting a threaded tweet into a simple blog post, you are reading the right guide. Here’s how you can easily read Twitter threads like a blog post. Let’s check out.

1. Read Twitter Threads like a Blog Post

First of all, download and install the Thread Reader Chrome Extension. This extension helps you unroll a full Twitter thread on a dedicated, beautifully designed page.

Thread Reader Chrome Extension

2. After the above step, open Twitter and find any threaded tweet inside your account. Here, click on the down arrow, which will expand the menu.

3. From all the options on the screen, find and click on the “Unroll in Thread Reader” option. This is certainly very easy to perform this step, and anyone can be able to trace it down up here.

Unroll in Thread Reader

4. Soon after clicking on the option, a new tab will open, showing you all of your tweets in a blog post style. This will show all of the text and the information from the post, and you will not require clicking now and then to surf through various posts.

2. Using Thread Reader App on Android Mobile

Here is one simple method you can use on Android to easily read the threads. Follow some of the simple steps we have shared below.

1. First, on your Android Mobile, you need to download and install the Thread Reader, the app that changes the view of your Twitter threads.

2. Once you download the app, open the Twitter app and browse the threads, and there you will see a down arrow button. Tap on it and choose Share Via and then select the thread reader app to get it opened.

Share Via

3. Now, the same thread will be opened in the thread reader app with a material design view. You can also share those converted threads with other people.

thread reader app

That’s it. You need to follow the same for every thread.

So, these are some easy steps to easily read Twitter threads like a Blog post. If you need more h in converting threaded tweets into simple blog posts, let us know in the comments below.


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