Twitter has added a new feature that allows users to respond to tweets with videos or photos. The feature is called “quote tweet with the reaction”.

This new feature allows the users to embed a tweet with their photos or videos. However, the feature is being tested on the iOS version and is out to a few beta testers.

You might be familiar with this feature, as it is available on a short-video platform TikTok. The microblogging site announced the new feature by posting a Tweet.

How to Retweet with Photos Or Videos on Twitter?

Twitter Brings New Way to Respond Tweets With Photos Or Videos

If you are a beta tester, then you can access this feature by clicking on the Retweet button; it will show a “Quote tweet with reaction” button.

  • Click on the “Quote Tweet with Reaction” option.
  • A new screen will open where you can take photos or videos to add to the tweet or can select the media from the camera roll.

You can check out the video added in the tweet as they have demonstrated the feature that shows how the reactions feature works.

As the feature is in testing for iOS users only, it is not known when the feature will be available to Android users. Currently, you can reply to tweets with text.

However, it is said that the reaction quote tweets can be used for harassment. So, there should be an option to turn off the reaction feature for tweets. But, there is no option to turn off the feature, and it is not known if the company will add it or not.

A spokesperson told, that “currently there is no way to turn off the feature, as it inherits the standard quote tweet behavior. Apart from this, Twitter is also working on a new design that will let you write tweets from the main timeline view.


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