Twitter Suspending The Support For Windows TweetDeck
Twitter announced that it would discontinue support for the independent application or software TweetDeck for Windows on the 15th of April. However, it’s still not clear whether the app will stop functioning entirely.
TweetDeck is the app that lets you create panels to handle simultaneously multiple Twitter accounts. Although, the company ensures that you can still easily access the web version of the TweetDeck and pin it on your taskbar.

Twitter Suspending The Support For Windows TweetDeck

  • Open in Chrome
  • Click Customize and control > More tools > Add to taskbar
  • You can now launch TweetDeck directly from your taskbar

In a blog post, product manager Amy Zima said, “it is actually to improve user experience with TweetDeck.” She adds, “Nothing will change in relation to TweetDeck itself, but just the place where you can access it.”

Twitter purchased TweetDeck in 2011; the company has rolled out the application versions to enhance its presence in the online environment. The microblogging (Twitter) cut support to versions previously available for Android, iPhone, and Adobe AIR platforms in 2013.

It is not known when exactly the Windows application will be removed from the distribution channels. Remember, after all, that the Mac version – abandoned to its fate in July last year, which is still available for download on the Mac App Store; the same goes for the Chrome plugin.

So far, Twitter has remained quiet about the duration of these versions standalone – so if the format pleases you, the business will go as long as possible. Currently, there is a possibility of a single “log” to use both TweetDeck and Twitter itself, and this process makes things easier through rapid exchange between the tools used more frequently.

Twitter completed 10 years, and now Twitter faces the challenge of recovering the call as a “source of breaking news” that had in its early years. However, renewed interest in users dealing with the ever-expanding social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, who proved their hard work.

The decline in interest in the microblog is easily recognized by the official figures, which remain virtually dead. By the end of the third quarter of 2015, Twitter had 320 million active monthly users, which remained fairly unchanged at the end of the last quarter of that year.

However, the company has increasingly worked, restoring visual and new features, such as the “Moments” option, videos, images, and the most important points that warm the internet, including news.


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