Which Is Faster? Two 4GB Sticks Of RAM Or Four 2GB Sticks Of RAM
Which Is Faster? Two 4GB Sticks Of RAM Or Four 2GB Sticks Of RAM

Have you ever encountered the situation while building a new computer – Are four 2GB RAM better than two 4GB RAM? Well, we found an answer in Expert Exchange which throughs lights on how RAM works.

Which Is Faster? Two 4GB Sticks Of RAM Or Four 2GB Sticks Of RAM

RAM Which stands for Random Access Memory, helps devices to run faster. If you love to play games on your desktop computer, then you will know the benefits of having some extra RAM.

Well, let me ask you one question first, how much RAM does your computer have? Recently, we came across one interesting question asked by Techviral readers on the Facebook page.

The user was planning to build an assembled computer system, he had asked us which will be better for gaming purpose, he is building a new core i3 system, and planning to install 8GB RAM. The user asked us which will be better four 2GB RAM or two 4GB RAM?

We searched the internet for the answer and found a technical answer at Experts Exchange where Garycase answered that nowadays desktop computers deploy unbuffered RAM modules and if you have more than 2 modules installed, then you may experience an issue of large loads on the address and data buses.

Actually, the memory subsystem sees one load per memory chip. So, with 2 modules that are up to 32 loads and with 4 modules installed that’s as many as 64 electrical loads which sound bad.

“Some systems automatically adjust for this higher load by either increasing the voltage a small amount; reducing the clock frequency of the memory (thus slightly slowing it down); or by adding a cycle to the SPD’s latency setting (again, slightly slowing it down).”

So, if we have to answer this question in short, then we would say that memory with just 2 modules is more reliable. However, you won’t notice any measurable difference if you have 4 modules.

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