What if I say that Ubuntu will abandon the Unity interface and return to Gnome desktop? It may sound bit odd, but it’s true, as Canonical is re-shifting its preferences to its strong suit: The cloud and the Internet of Things.

Ubuntu Will Stop Betting On Unity And Quit Smartphones

Not being the most used systems, Ubuntu had a presence in the world of smartphones that followed a philosophy aligned with the rest of Canonical products.

Recently, surprisingly, the company announced that it will abandon the Unity interface, returning to Gnome desktop. The impact may not look great, but it does lead Canonical to abandon the smartphone market.

It was through the Unity interface that Ubuntu kept active its philosophy of convergence, having a transversal system, but that adapted to the different platforms.

This was the idea of Mark Shuttleworth, the mentor and the Founder of Ubuntu and Canonical, who, recently, in an Ubuntu blog post has revealed that the company will abandon developments at Unity and turn to more useful areas of Ubuntu and all areas where it operates more.

In order to solve this problem, Ubuntu will again turn to Gnome and from 18.04 LTS will be the adopted window manager.

The end of Unity represents a blow to Ubuntu’s aspirations for new platforms, including smartphones and tablets. Gnome is not suited to these areas and the company will not develop a window manager for these smaller devices.

Mark Shuttleworth admitted that his vision of convergence was wrong and that all efforts made did not take Ubuntu to the path that he wanted, creating an opposite scenario of fragmentation.

Canonical’s bet will be on Cloud and IoT, and these are now the paths defined for Ubuntu and the company’s developments. So, what do you think about this changes? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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