England Police have arrested 16 year old boy in suspicion of hacking into the emails of senior US officials last year and leaking information of 30,000 FBI and DHS Staff which included their country, name, mobile number, email. Now he has been released on bail.

The South East Regional Organized Crime Unit (SEROCU) sent mail to the media confirming the arrest of 16 year old teenager in the East Midlands of England on Tuesday, February 9.
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UK Police Arrests 16 year Old Teenager Accused of Hacking CIA, FBI and Whitehouse

 Police Officials in the UK arrested 16 year old teenager who is suspected of several cyber attacks that took place last year. Due to security reasons, officials didn’t disclosed the identity of the arrested teenager. It is believed that this teenager is also behind the hacking of email account of CIA Director John Brenna. Officials believe that the arrested teenager is known as “Cracka” whom they believe that he is the leader of the hacktivist group namely “Crackas With Attitude”.

However, it is not clearly known that whether the arrested teen is the same “cracka”, one of the hackers from the group ‘Crackas With Attitude who is responsible for hacking in the email accounts of CIA Director, National intelligence James Calapper and the senior White House Adviser on Science and Technology, John Holdren.

The teenager refuted the claims made against him and denied he was “Cracka” in a message to Vice’s Motherboard blog.

The Teenager also wrote :

“I’m not who you think I am,” he wrote.

The teenager claimed that he had been arrested and put behind the bars for seven hours before being released on bail, and he didn’t say anything to the Police.

“They’re trying to ruin my life,” he said, adding, “I’m innocent until proven guilty so I have nothing to be worried about.”

Other hacker refuted the claims made against him about whether he is “cracka”. It is also believed the the “Cracka” may be the same person who was operating twitter account under name DOTGOVS who hacked into Department of Justice’c Computers system previous week and leaked the personal information of 30,000 FBI and DHS Staff.

It is still clearly known whether the arrested teenager is behind the data breach or not. DOTGOVS recently leaked the personal details of FBI and DHS Staff, but now account has been suspended by Twitter.


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