Instagram is one of the top social media platforms, with a registered user count of about 2 billion. This social media has its unique style and layout, which offers the user the capability to post and view the media content shared by their followers.

The concept was a massive hit, and now every Instagram user wants to share the picture-perfect post. Yes, the built-in camera of Instagram is feature-rich; you have filters, amazing stickers, etc.

Useful Instagram Tips to Get that Picture Perfect Post

However, filters and stickers alone can’t help you capture that Picture Perfect Posts. You need to follow some other tips as well. Below are some useful Instagram tips to get that Picture Perfect post.

1. Manage filters

Numerous filters available to users can transform any photo or video with just a tap. However, some of the filters might be useless for you; hence it’s best to remove them.

To eliminate the filters, go to the end of the filters and click on the cog icon labeled Manage. Uncheck the useless filters from the list by using the checkbox, and they won’t appear in the filter list next time.

2. Set opacity for Filters

The second most cool thing you can try is changing the opacity or the intensity of the filters.

Tap on the filter to apply it, then tap it again to set its intensity. Use the slider to change the opacity.

3. Compare with the Default

While applying the filters, one of the handiest features is comparing the edited images with the original ones.

In Instagram, the compare feature is available to the users. After applying any effect or filter, press on the preview option placed on the top of the screen rather than tapping on the next button. This will show you the original photo for comparison.

4. Delete from the Draft

On Instagram, you may often edit a post only to delete it. However, when you skip editing, the edited image is saved to the drafts.

When the post moves to draft, you can come back and edit the post you left off. You can easily view and delete your Drafts on Instagram.

5. Delete the post

This is a thing that is quite necessary as users often wish to delete some of their posts that have been uploaded before. Tap on the three dots next to the post you wish to delete and then select the Delete option from the list menu that appears.

So, these are a few simple Instagram tips that will help you get that picture-perfect post. If you need more help in clicking amazing Instagram shots, let us know in the comments below.


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