Vernee Reveals Smartphone With Deca-Core Processor And 6GB of RAM

Continuously Chinese brands are gaining lots of popularity and strength worldwide and produce models that push the market tougher than ever.

The devices can combine powerful and excellent hardware design; now you might be thinking about the price, just don’t worry, as we all know that when any device arrives from a Chinese manufacturer or market, the price is always reasonable.

Vernee Reveals Smartphone With Deca-Core Processor And 6GB of RAM

Vernee is a Chinese brand founded in February 2016, marking the first step of Newbund’s transfer from OEM/ODM to the public market. It is time for Vernee to draw attention with three new devices on its website, one of which is a small monster.

Holding Vernee’s cell phone in hand, you will be surprised that it has high-quality hardware and software and ongoing excellent after-sale service. Vernee works hand in hand with you to create something wonderful.

The Vernee Apollo is the device equipped with a 5.5-inch screen QHD with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 and Powered by MediaTek Helio X20 chipset; yes, this is the chip that features a deca-core GPU.

The device has no less than 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage(ROM). The rear camera has 21 MP, while the front has 8 MP for awesome selfies and video chat. Moreover, the device has a metallic body and provides a USB Type-C and will support the pressure taps (touch or force) on the screen. The other little beast is Thor, a little weaker than Apollo.

The other little beast is Thor, a little weaker than Apollo. However, some specifications are still not reported in the portal, such as battery capacity, the pre-installed version of Android, and the price. Still, the company ensures that it wants to bring the unit to a competitive level in the market.

The question remains: Whether Vernee keeps this beast inside China or gives it to the other countries?

As we mentioned earlier, there are various Chinese brands you may never hear about. Many of them do not come out of China, and when they do, they need to work with a vast range of marketing strategies and advertisements in other markets.

Appearing countries are good prey for these brands. Still, the company Vernee hasn’t disclosed that “it will be just in China or whether it intends to expand its business to the other locations or countries.”

The company has described an announcement scheduled for April this year when more details will be announced. So, we do not have any choice except to wait.


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