This is the first time ever when the full version of iOS has been leaked before the official release. Apple’s upcoming iOS 14 version has been leaked for months now. The iOS 14 was leaking in parts, but this time it is a pre-release version, hackers, security researches and bloggers have access to it.

Hackers have had access to an unreleased iOS 14 version for months

An Early Version Of iOS 14 Reportedly Leaked In February
An Early Version Of iOS 14 Reportedly Leaked In February

As per the reports, the iOS 14 leak is the full version of Apple’s new Operating System which is going to release in September. However, it is quite surprising as this is for the first time, the full build of an unreleased iOS version is out before eight months. Yet, Apple has not even released the beta version of iOS 14.

iOS 14 version was leaked when someone got hands-on iPhone 11, which was running on iOS 14 version. It was in December 2019, and only Apple developers were supposed to use it, but it went out. Later, it was sold by vendors in China for thousands of dollars. And the internal build of iOS 14 was removed and distributed to the iPhone jailbreaking and hacking community. All the hackers have distributed this iOS leak to security researchers.

iOS 14 will be different from this early version when it launches. However, it is surprising that for the first time in history, the iOS version, which is not released, has been leaked.


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