We all know very well that everyone recognizes VLC as a place of prominence when it comes to multimedia content. As VLC is one of the best players that we can find to play multimedia contents. However, recently, VLC released a new version of its player, VLC 3.0 which supports Chromecast, 8K video, HDR10, 360-Degree video and much more.

VLC 3.0 Supports Chromecast, 8K Video, HDR10, 360-Degree Video & More

Everyone recognizes VLC as a place of prominence when it comes to multimedia content. This is, of course, VLC acclaimed as the best player we can have and what on more platforms can be used.

After several months of development now comes the version 3.0, which brings with it many new features. Let’s get to know them and show that VLC remains the best bet.

VLC is one of the best players we can find. In addition to its simplicity of use, it has support for almost all formats that we can access. The new version 3.0 “Vetinari” brings many new features, which after months of testing are finally available.

This new version has some key points that will appeal to all users. We are talking about support for Chromecast, so you can play videos for which you do not have support and support for 4K and 8K videos, hardware-accelerated natively, which makes them available for smartphones and other devices now.

The delay in getting support for Chromecast was due to the nature of VLC and the fact that it is 100% open-source. Therefore, because the Chromecast SDK is not fully open, the team that developed VLC has decided to create support for this device from scratch.

[vimeo 254723180 w=800 h=420]

In addition to these new features, we can now also find support for 360º and HDR videos. Of course, there are also minor interface improvements and the usual bug fixes (over 1500). Moreover, if you want then simply you can know all the news of new VLC 3.0 from here.

The VLC 3.0 also a novelty in its base. This is the first version in which the code and number are common to all the different platforms where it runs. From now on this synchronism should be maintained.

However, all the VLC users can now simply upgrade to this new version already. Available for so many platforms, it can be downloaded for Android, iOS and all other versions.

So, what do you think about this new version of VLC? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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