WhatsApp is indeed a great instant messaging app for Android. It allows you to exchange texts, make voice and video calls, share status, etc. In this article, we will talk about the WhatsApp Status feature.

Status is a great feature of the instant messaging app. It allows you to share photos, videos, texts, GIF updates, etc., with your contacts for 24 hours. Once the 24 hours have passed, the status will automatically disappear.

When you view your friends’ status, they get to see that you have viewed their status. Similarly, you can also see who viewed your status. There could be times when you want to check your friend’s status without them knowing.

Watch Whatsapp Status Anonymously

It’s actually not possible to view status anonymously on WhatsApp, but a few workarounds still let you view the WhatsApp status of someone secretly. Below, we have shared some simple steps to watch WhatsApp Status Anonymously. Let’s check out.

1. Enable Airplane Mode and View Status

Well, you can turn on the Airplane mode of your Android and then check the WhatsApp status of your friend. In this way, you won’t be connected to the internet; hence your views will not technically count as ‘Viewed’.

So, you can see the Status by turning on the Airplane mode. You can also watch the status multiple times, but ensure you’re not connected to any internet. After viewing the WhatsApp status, close the WhatsApp app and then turn off the Airplane mode.

Access WhatsApp Status from the File Manager

Well, WhatsApp keeps a record of all Statuses you have viewed in the app. Hence, you can turn off the Airplane mode and check the status again. However, WhatsApp keeps all your viewed status in a hidden folder. Here’s how to access it.

1. First, open the Files by Google app and head to the Hamburger menu > Settings > Show hidden files. Enable the toggle for ‘Show hidden files

Show hidden files

2. Once done, navigate to Internal Storage > Android > Media.

Internal Storage > Android > Media

3. Now, on the Media folder, tap on the com.whatsapp.


4. Now, on the com.whatsapp folder, navigate to WhatsApp > Media > .Statuses.

WhatsApp > Media > .Statuses

That’s it! On the .statuses folder, you will find all statuses you have viewed until now.

So, these are some simple steps to view Someone’s WhatsApp Status Anonymously. If you need more help with this method, let us know in the comments below.