World Waterproof Camera Record Wonderful Moment Life
World Waterproof Camera Record Wonderful Moment Life

Life makes more accessible when you can record all the unique and beautiful moments with a one-handed camera; the portable and undoubtedly excellent camera is much more needed in your life to do any such things you want to review again and again.

Life always loves to give us some surprise moments unless someone can uninterrupted record with the camera for 24 hours of continuous record, those beautiful moments to be able to save and share. We will be happy to take advantage of these flashes as the target popular product, and its products are YoCam, a pocket-sized and all-in-one camera that can be mounted in or everywhere and something can be connected.

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Life record class equipment enables the user not to have to use a smartphone or shoot a camera that can record one day, the most famous of which are the Narrative Clip 2 and SnapCam; they are lightweight and can be very safe to clip on materials. But this kind of design often affects breadth perspective, which is determined by its appearance and ease of over-reliance on the result.

World’s Smallest Waterproof Camera YoCam Records Every Moment of Your Life

World Waterproof Camera Record Wonderful Moment Life

YoCam is a finger size with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities cameras; the main feature is a portable, multi-functional and meets the IP68 waterproof standard, waterproof to a depth of 20 feet (6 meters), compared with the newest GoPro Hero4 Session, Mofily of YoCam offers HDR imaging, image/video stabilization, P2P remote connection (such as a home camera or baby monitor technology used), and higher quality maximum resolution.

Users can 2.7k / 30fps video recording effect, there are multiple selection 1080p / 60fps and 720p / 120fps of. YoCam through its built-in shutter button, Mofily the App, or (optional) Bluetooth remote control.

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But what makes YoCam so attractive and practical is the diversity of settings on the camera and various accessories; the user can enable continuous shooting, delay shooting, or every 5/10/30/60 seconds to take pictures continuously. YoCam can also record slow-motion, time-lapse, and loop recordings; the App also provides debugging white balance, exposure, function, and rotation stability. Its 700 mAh rechargeable battery, capable of supporting 1080P picture quality, continued to record for two hours.

World Waterproof Camera Record Wonderful Moment Life

Although there is a clip and convenient YoCam hang up the sling, a series of optional equipment and a compact adapter can provide higher availability. A rotating clamp can make YoCam attached pockets, clothes, or backpacks, and the user can debug the angle and direction; a sucker YoCam do tachograph; if fitted, versatile magnetic accessories can be adsorbed on the wall became or any surface of the family monitor. These small parts make YoCam from gloves, head, chest, pole, stick, rope, handle, and even pets to shoot video.

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Mofily YoCam is currently on Kickstarter to raise the public; in 11 days, it had reached 129 percent of its $ 80,000 goal. From there, all the chips end in 37 days; pay only $ 149, and you can get a side clamp, slings, USB charging cable YoCam; and save $ 50 than zero; the other equipment will be included in a luxury suite or as a single product to sell.

YoCam is scheduled to ship in March 2016. Mofily has manufactured and submitted YoCam engineering samples. Still, we must verify the target water depth, adjust image quality, optimize battery life and wireless connectivity features, and problem-solve the App. YoCam also plans to develop iOS and Android versions of the application.