Share Your Location with Friends and Family
Share Your Location with Friends and Family

Here in this article you will know the different ways of sharing your location with your Friends or Family. Just go through the article given below to know the methods and different ways.

The one of the greatest feature of the network technology is that you can now easily find your location on the earth and know the appropriate location of yours.Using the location finding feature is also available on the most of the devices of this modern era.You can use this feature on your phone also to further find your location and you can share the location with others so that they can know about where you are exactly.

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6 Ways to Share Your Location with Friends and Family

Below we had selected some of the best apps that are really helpful to share your exact location at a real time at fast speed. So have a look on all these apps and download the one that you like.

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#1 Glympse
Location 1

The app made for all three major platforms i.e Windows,iPhone,Android ,using this app you can share your location information along with the destination to other people you want to send the information.You post the location information to the social platforms like Facebook,Twitter or you can share it through Messaging ,Skype or WhatsApp.The some more features of this app include asking for location of other person,real time location update and sending the information to others.

#2 GoeZilla
Location 2

Make the group of tabs for friends,family members or colleagues etc. and check the location information of the particular group members anytime and at any place.Using this app you can have a private conversation with them also,hence this app makes it the ultimate way for the real time connection of the members of the group.It also provides with a special feature called Geo Fencing wherein you will be notified everytime about someone who leaves or arrives at a place.This app is available for Android and iPhone platforms,so if you and your group is on any of these platform then go download this app and keep informed about the location of the members of the group.

#3 Google+
Location 3

The Google owned social network where the people share their location information.This is the commonly used social service hence there might be many people from your family or friends group those are using this service.Just go and make your account on this network and ask the people to join you and share their location information.

#4 GPS Location Tracker
Location 4

As the name suggests this app is a location tracking tool where you add up the friends or family members and make the connections with them.Connect with your friends on this app via sharing your code through Messaging,Email,WhatsApp,Email etc.After making the connections you can easily share your locations to your connected members by just turning location service on.This app is although available on the Android platform only.

#5 Life360 Family Locator
Location 5

Every member of the family that is pre-joined on this app can look for each other on the map and locate the exact position.Using this app you can also designate the spots on the map as your home or work location.Everytime any member of the group enters or leaves the designated spot evryone else shall be notified.You can still reach the person or know the location of the person if he had switched off their GPS.This app is available for Android,iPhone and Windows.

#6 Sygic Family Locator
Location 6

The app similar to Life360 Family Locator app and functions the same way as that of Life360.The only things that make this app unique is that it will let you create safe zones and the danger zones spot on the map and every member of the group will be notified when anyone among the group enters the group.The other unique feature of this app is that the admin of the group can enable invisible mode in which the location of the admin cannot be known by others in the group and they will also be unknown of the fact that admin is tracing them or not.This app is available for iPhone or Android users only.

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So these were 6 Ways to Share Your Location with Friends and Family. What are you thinking about now?Just go and try any of these ways so that you can know about the location of the family members or the friends and also share your’s location too to them.This makes it safe for the family members to locate the location of the members on the map if they are lost.



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