Currently, plenty of cloud-based services are available out there that can be used to upload & send files. One such service is known as WeTransfer. WeTransfer was founded in 2009 as the simplest way to send big files worldwide.

The cloud-based service allowed users to send heavy files up to 2GB for free. The great thing about WeTransfer is that it doesn’t ask users to create an account for file sharing. However, recently, the Department of Telecommunications of India banned the website in the country.

India’s Department of Telecommunications (DoT) hasn’t specified any reason for blocking the website. Since then, the site has continuously faced downtime. So, if you used to be a WeTransfer, don’t worry; we have a list of the best WeTransfer Alternatives.

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10 Best WeTransfer Alternatives to Send Large Files Online

So, in this article, we are about to share some of the best free WeTransfer alternatives that can send large files. So, let’s explore the best WeTransfer Alternatives.

1. Dropbox


Well, Dropbox is one of the best and top-rated cloud storage services available on the web. The good thing is that Dropbox offers you multiple packages.

The free plan gives you 2G of storage space. Along with that, the file-sharing site has robust sharing options. You can send the file directly to the recipient’s email address, any shared folders, etc.

2. Firefox Send

Firefox Send

It’s right now the best and most reliable WeTransfer alternative in the list you can use right now. Like WeTransfer, Firefox Send doesn’t ask you to create an account.

Firefox Send is one of the few file-sharing services that support end-to-end encryption. With Firefox Send, you can transfer files up to 2.5GB for free.

3. Smash


Smash is another best file-sharing site on the list that you can use instead of WeTransfer. Unlike WeTransfer, which has a file transfer limit of 2GB, it lets you send up to 350 GB of files.

However, if you send files above 2GB, the transfer speed will be much slower. What’s more exciting is that Smash lets you password-protect the files you upload.

4. Google Drive

Google Drive

Since most of us now have a Google Account, using Google Drive does make sense. It’s a free service that requires just a Google account for file transfer.

On Google Drive, you can upload a file and choose to send it via email. Regarding the free plan, Google Drive offers you 15GB of free cloud storage, supporting almost every file type.

5. Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere

Well, Send Anywhere is pretty much similar to WeTransfer regarding the feature. However, to send files through email or a link, you need to create an account.

If we talk about the file size limit, Send Anywhere lets you send up to 10GB under the free account. Apart from that, it covered all other major features, like password-protected links, download counts, etc.

6. SendGB


If you are searching for a simple file transfer tool to send files of up to 5GB in size, then SendGB might be the best pick for you. The WeTransfer alternatives let you send files without creating an account.

Also, you can choose how long SendGB should keep the file on its server. The self-destruct feature of SendGB is also of great use, as it destroys the file once it has been downloaded.

7. KwiqFlick


Well, KwiqFlick is pretty much similar to the SendGB site that has been listed above. However, KwiqFlick allows you to send up to 2GB of files with a free account.

The recipients don’t need to create an account to download the files you share with KwiqFlick. Overall, KwiqFlick is an excellent choice for storing temporary files online.

8. TransferXL


TransferXL is one of the best and simplest file-sharing tools you can use now. The file transfer service is speedy, allowing up to 5GB of transfers.

The biggest attraction of TransferXL is that it creates thumbnails for all images you upload. Once shared, the recipients can preview the files before downloading.

9. Sharedrop


Sharedrop is slightly different from all others listed in the article. The web tool allows you to transfer files between computers connected to the same network.

If your devices were connected to the same WiFi network, you must open the Sharedrop tab on each device. Each of the devices or users will get their nickname and avatar. You must drag and drop the files onto the avatar’s logo to transfer the file.

10. WeSendIt


WeSendIt is the best WeTransfer alternative on the list that you can use today. The user interface of WeSendIt is straightforward: upload the files, add the email address, and click on the ‘Send’ button.

The files will be delivered to the recipient’s email address in no time. The good thing is that WeSendIt doesn’t require any registration and supports file transfer of up to 2GB of size.

So, these are the best WeTransfer alternatives that you can use today. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also.


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