The trend of social networking sites has been rising ever since they were introduced. Now, you even have instant messaging & photo sharing apps that provide social networking features.

While communicating with your friends or family members on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, you will encounter some acronyms and abbreviations that are difficult to grasp. For example, many Facebook users have recently asked us what ‘LYK’ means on Facebook.

While there are no specific reasons to use acronyms or abbreviations on Facebook or any other similar text-based platforms, teenagers & young adults mostly use them to convey their emotions in a better way.

On techviral, we have already discussed a few acronyms & abbreviations, and today we are going to explain what does ‘LYK’ means on Facebook or any other text-based platforms. Let’s get started.

What Does LYK Mean on Facebook?

Before understanding LYK on Facebook, you must understand the difference between an acronym and an abbreviation. An acronym is basically formed from the first letter of each word.

On the other hand, an abbreviation is a shortened word form. So, basically ‘LYK’ on Facebook is an acronym, and it stands for ‘Let you Know’.

LYK on Facebook may also appear as ‘like’ to many users, but it’s not true. The use of ‘LYK’ on social networking platforms means ‘Let you know’.

Users may reply to you ‘LYK’ on messages, meaning the sender promises to give more information about the topic you’re discussing.

How is ‘LYK’ used on Facebook?

LYK or Let You Know is mostly used to justify the lack of clarity of your topic. For example, if the sender is unsure about anything you’ve asked for, they may send you ‘LYK’.

This means the sender wants you to understand that they need more time to give a clear & honest opinion on the topic you’re discussing. Usually, LYK is used when the sender is unsure about some details you requested.

So, instead of guessing or making predictions, they prefer sending texts like ‘LYK’. And the conversation where ‘LYK’ was sent is likely to resume with feedback from the sender.

How to Use ‘LYK’ on Facebook?

The use of ‘LYK’ on Facebook solely depends on the topic you’re discussing because the acronym is mainly used to justify uncertainty and if you wish to provide the asked information at a later time.

You can also use ‘LYK’ to avoid situations where you don’t feel like giving an immediate answer. So, it’s also used to avoid tricky situations.

Some other use of ‘LYK on Facebook is to close a conversation. You can use ‘LYK’ at the end of a conversation where there’s nothing else to discuss. So, the use of ‘LYK’ on Facebook or any other social networking platform depends entirely on how & where you want to use it.

Examples to Use ‘LYK’ on any text-based chats?

We have composed a few examples to help you better understand how to use LYK on chat. These examples will help you understand how and where to use LYK on Facebook chats.

Example 1:

Bob: Hey Robin! Are we still meeting for the business discussion tomorrow?

Robin: Thanks for showing interest, Bob, but I have to check my schedule, and I’ll LYK by tonight.

In the above example, Robin tells Bob that he will let you know whether he will be available for a business discussion tomorrow.

Example 2:

Ruby: Hey David, is this car still available?

David: Hi Ruby, thanks for showing interest in the car, but I will confirm and LYK by tomorrow!

In the above example, David replied to Ruby that he needed time to confirm whether the car was still available for sale.

Example 3:

Tom: What time are we meeting for the party, Lily?

Lily: Let me check with everyone and will LYK the plan, Tom.

In the above example, Lily asked for time to confirm when they were meeting for the party.

So, this guide is all about what LYK means on Facebook and how to use it in text messaging. Let us know if you need more help understanding what LYK means on Facebook or any other platform. If you find this guide helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends.


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