Whatsapp is working on a few new features that will be available for all the users later. Most of the features are now available to beta testers on Android and iOS.

The instant messaging app has added new features that include privacy options, changes in voice recordings, and more. However, these features are in the beta stage and will be rolled out later in the future update.

Let us check out all the details of these Whatsapp features, which are now available for beta testers.

List of Whatsapp Upcoming New Features

WhatsApp Beta gets These New Features: Check Details Here

Privacy Feature

Whatsapp is rolling out a new privacy feature, “My Contacts Except…”. With this option, the user can control who can see their information on the app. This feature is for profile pictures, last seen, and status; you can select this option and choose contacts to whom you don’t want to show your profile picture, last seen, status.

This option, “My Contacts Except…” is added to the options with Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody on the Last seen settings menu.

Preview and Pause Voice Recordings

This feature will improve the app’s usage, as it allows the users to pause and resume the voice message they are recording. This feature is helpful when you are unable to record a message at one time.

When the user will start recording, once they are done, it will show a resume button to add a voice message. If you want to add the message, you can click on the resume button, or else you can send the message.

Change in Delete Button Option

The company is planning to extend the time limit for deleting a message for everyone. At present, you can’t delete the message for everyone after one hour. But soon, Whatsapp is increasing the time limit to an indefinite period. The new feature is found in the Android beta version.

Whatsapp HD Photos

Whatsapp will soon allow users to share high-quality photos. There will be three different options the Best quality, Data Saver mode, and Auto mode. The “best quality” options will let you send HD images.

Unknown Business Accounts

This feature notifies the users when unknown business accounts contact them. It will show a message at the bottom of the chat saying the business account is not saved in the contact list.


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