Whatsapp Chat Migration feature available for Pixel phones

The Whatsapp chat migration feature for iPhone to Android is now available for all Google Pixels devices. This feature will also be available on the new smartphones with Android 12. Earlier, the feature was available only for Samsung users who wished to switch from iOS to Android.

All iPhone users can easily get their WhatsApp chats to an Android phone. Previously the chat histories for iOS were stored in iCloud and for Android on Google Drive. It was impossible to transfer chats between the devices running on the different operating systems.

Transfer Whatsapp Chats from iPhone to Pixel Devices

Transfer Whatsapp chats to Pixel phones

However, in September, the company allowed iPhone users to transfer their chats to Samsung smartphones. After a month, there’s a new update; Google has announced the chat transfer from iPhone to Pixel and smartphones running on Android 12 devices.

How to Transfer WhatsApp Chats From an iPhone to Android Smartphone?

To transfer the Whatsapp chat, make sure both the smartphones have the latest version of Whatsapp. You will need to connect your device with a USB Type-C cable.

  1. Turn on the smartphone and connect it with a cable to your iPhone
  2. Follow the instructions given on the screen
  3. When asked, Scan the QR code using the iPhone’s camera
  4. Click on Start on iPhone and wait for a few seconds
  5. Set up your Android smartphone and then check Whatsapp
  6. Login using the same phone number used on iPhone
  7. Click on Import and allow
  8. Activate your phone. That’s it! Your iPhone Whatsapp chat is now available on Android device.

The Whatsapp data transfer can only be done from iPhone to Android. Yet, there’s no feature available for chat migration from Android to iPhone. If this feature comes it will be helpful to many of them. However, you can transfer chats to iPhone from Android via third-party apps, tools, and websites as there is no official way to do it.

Google, in a blog post, said the data will be protected while transferring.

 “Your WhatsApp chat history will simply be copied from your iPhone to your new Android phone, and we’ll automatically make sure you don’t receive new messages on the old device while the transfer is in progress.”

At present, the feature is available for Samsung and Pixel devices and soon it will be available on smartphones running Android 12.


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