As time goes by and we are making an increasing use of all types of technology, especially the mobile devices so common today. Hence, to enhance the user experience the popular and most widely used instant messaging application WhatsApp is about to bring a new and game-changing feature.

WhatsApp Is About To Get This Game-Changing New Feature

As time goes by and we are making an increasing use of all types of technology, especially the mobile devices so common today, there have been several applications and platforms that have opted to introduce a night mode between its functions.

It’s something we’ve seen over the last few months in the popular YouTube video portal, for example, or in the latest update of Windows 10, Creators Update. Due to the large number of hours we spend in front of the screens of the devices, the possible damage that these may be causing in our eyes is also superior.

Well, recently, the application of instant messaging par excellence, WhatsApp, will also have its own night mode in the near future or, although that yes, it will have a very different approach with respect to the tools we have talked about earlier. At this point, it is worth noting that in this case, we refer to a night mode that will focus on working together with the camera of the device where we have installed the instant messaging app, of course, WhatsApp.

WhatsApp will have a night mode option for the camera

It must be taken into account that the camera is one of the additional elements of the most commonly used in this type of platforms, whether the time that is or the conditions in which we are.

Well, thanks to the new night mode so that those most responsible for the application to be introduced into it, we can get better results when we make use of the camera in low light photographic environments.

The truth is that after the brief announcement, at the moment still not know much details about how to improve the quality of the photographs we take in low-light environments, something that we will see and discuss later. But what is undoubtedly clear is that with this type of movement what the owner of Facebook and WhatsApp pretends is increasingly made more use of the camera while we talk to our contacts and we share snapshots, even when the conditions for this they are not the most suitable.

To conclude we will say that this new functionality is expected to reach the world by the end of this year. So, what do you think about this? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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