We all know that as time goes by and we are making an increasing use of all types of technology, especially the mobile devices so common today. Hence, to enhance the user experience the popular and most widely used instant messaging application WhatsApp just introduced an awesome new feature.

WhatsApp Gets Verified Accounts: Here’s How It Will Work

Although WhatsApp is one of the most widely used communication applications worldwide, this is still a somewhat limited tool for a company to communicate with its customers.

According to some recent information, this scenario may be about to change with the introduction of WhatsApp Business.

Increasingly popular in India, Whatsapp is already one of the most widely used communication services globally. Belonging to the social network giant Facebook since 2014, after the social network has advanced to its purchase for about 19 billion dollars, WhatsApp has evolved and conquered an increasing number of users.

However, WhatsApp is still widely accepted in the market and faces two problems: not having a way to make a profit and being quite limited for business use. If in the second problem companies have managed to bypass, using personal accounts, the problem of the source of income remains to be solved, after the social network giant Facebook has attempted to insert an annuity, without this measure having been successful.

Advanced by a logical path, the solution to both problems may be being worked out with the launch of a new feature, WhatsApp Business. Although this new addition is still in private pilot testing mode, some of the options that will be present are already known.

To begin, each company that wants to access this new option must undergo a validation process that, after it has been completed, will present a green sticker representative of the account verification, as it already exists on the social network giant Facebook. Users who have already added or started a conversation with the number associated with the company will receive a notification once this validation is done.

It will also be possible to set service times in business accounts, as well as set auto-reply messages when a user tries to contact outside of this time period.

Whatsapp Business
Whatsapp Business

This mode is still only available to a small number of pilot test companies but should be available soon for anyone else who wants to sign up, and some information has already started to appear on this new feature in the WhatsApp FAQ.

With the introduction of WhatsApp Business, new, dedicated business tools will soon be added, with several to be paid for, ultimately creating a source of revenue for WhatsApp.

So, what do you think about this new extraordinary new feature of WhatsApp? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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