If we give one dollar each time, there is a rumor about WhatsApp, and we could get the total hold of the convertible newsroom.

The popular instant messaging application WhatsApp is one of the easy targets for deception because you get a lot of users in a very short period, as the spread of false messages is almost faster than from our Facebook walls.

If you check your phone, you’re probably into several groups, Several families, friends, work, and the people that salt spree, so think about how easy it is to copy a message and send it to another group; the spread is almost child’s play.

That’s how it started circulating a message that we offer to download an advanced version of WhatsApp, which is known as WhatsApp Gold.

WhatsApp Gold Is Just An Another Scam Which Steals User Data

It assures us that this version of the program will have the functions like video calls and deleting sent messages and enables its users to send more than a hundred photos at once. All this, as we have indicated, is a blatant lie.

WhatsApp Gold Is Just An Another Scam

The download edition happens only to guests through a website accessed by smartphone, and it allows the installation of the update that would give an increased enhancement in WhatsApp.

Everything is a great deception since this action installs malware on the device, which immediately forwards the message on the Gold version of the application to all contacts through the plague ahead and possibly creates more victims.

In addition, user data are vulnerable, can be accessed by hackers, and can be used for other purposes, like remotely controlling and monitoring the device.

More than that, malware activation can create additional problems for users since the use of WhatsApp contains a ban on using third-party tools, which the company does not officially release.

It was a problem faced some time ago in the “Plus” version of the messenger, which promised more customization options and a blue icon. Still, it’s a trap that could open serious security holes.

Upon receiving such a message from a friend, the best thing to do is to avoid clicking on the link you received and just delete it immediately, even if it comes from a trusted contact.

So, warn your friends about the infection who probably do not even know that they are infected. Hence, it will be best to keep your antivirus and protection software up to date and ensure they are active.

Moreover, if we have WhatsApp Gold installed, it will be best to reset your phone to factory settings to remove all the traces of the malware we have unconsciously introduced in our terminal. It is always better to be safe and not rely on any of the hoaxes circulating in the network every bit.


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