We all know that WhatsApp is the most widely used instant messaging app, hence, it continues to reinvent itself and bring users new features. Currently, WhatsApp is testing an unusual feature for its Messenger app that will definitely appeal many users.

WhatsApp Messenger Just Got An Extraordinary New Feature

In recent times, the instant messaging app WhatsApp is already rolling out lots of new features. Recently we have seen WhatsApp launched video call feature for users on Android. It also rolled out two-factor authentication for all, yes all means for Android, iOS, and Windows users as well.

So, it is clear that the instant messaging app WhatsApp continues to reinvent itself and bring users new features. Recently it was also revealed that it would indicate in real time the location of users in conversation groups which we forgot to mention that and now it will get a Snapchat like Stories feature in iOS.

Yes, now the status will be WhatsApp’s Insta Stories!

After Instagram receives a feature that brings us back to what Snapchat offers, now it’s WhatsApp’s turn. A tweet posted by @WABetaInfo reveals that in the next version for iOS there will be a new feature called “Status.”

This new feature will allow you to share photos and videos with a duration of 24 hours. Then, as in the Instagram Stories, they disappear.

The status will appear in a separate section of the chat and comments may be added, only visible to the publisher. You will also be able to know who has viewed the publication that can be made for all your contacts, only for some or for all with exceptions.

However, let me clear that this is a resource which is still in development phase and yet it is not known when it will reach the public.

So, what do you think about this new feature? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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