WhatsApp is reportedly working on an exciting ability to announce new features directly in the app and advise other things, such as privacy and safety.

Meta-owned WhatsApp is already working on many features, and now in the latest beta update, this new feature has shown up, so let’s discuss all the details.

WhatsApp Would Soon Give You Tips & Tricks In The App

WhatsApp Would Soon Give You Tips & Tricks In The App
Image: WABetaInfo

WABetaInfo reported details about this new inbuilt chatbot when they found it while testing the latest beta version of WhatsApp.

You can understand it as you have seen other business chatbots so that it will be the same as them, but Meta’s WhatsApp will use it to announce any company news and details about updates.

As we see in the above screenshot, how it will look and you can also read the welcome popup, which details that this chatbot will unveil the upcoming features in the first place.

Also, WhatsApp will give you tips and tricks here and more learning about privacy and safety. Besides, you will not be allowed to reply to the chatbots, or if you want to give any feedback, you have to visit their website.

Additionally, the chat will be end-to-end encrypted, so any third parties can’t access these messages.

Like every social platform aims to keep the user spending more time inside the app, and with this feature, WhatsApp has the same goal.

This feature is currently in its testing phase and only appears in the Android beta version, but soon, it will also arrive in the iOS beta version.

Currently, Meta hasn’t revealed any details about this feature. Still, we can expect it to be unveiled sooner because, in the past month, other features have also been spotted in beta, so like earlier, it may release as it is in the new features bundled.

We will let you know if any official announcement arrives, so stay tuned.


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