Whatsapp is the first choice of billions of people to communicate around the world. Regularly, the messaging app brings new features to make it easier for the users.

Everything is fine, except one limitation that is you can’t chat with the numbers who are not saved in your contact list. To start a new chat you will need to save the number first.

Luckily, the latest beta version update of Android shows that the company is working on a solution to it. Now, when you tap on an unsaved contact in a chat bubble, it will open an in-app menu that lets you chat with that person.

Now You Can Easily Start Chat With Unsaved Numbers 

Whatsapp Phone Number Options

Whenever you receive an unsaved phone number in the chat, you can directly message to that person. Also, there will be more options to connect, like calling, it will redirect you to the dialer app if you want to call that person.

There will be an option to save the phone number, but the new options are to call and message directly. If that person is not there on Whatsapp then the app will give you the option to call or add the number to your device.

At present, we can’t message an unsaved number on Whatsapp. There is only one way, visit the site http:/wa.me/phone number and then message them. Many times, we don’t want to save a number of an unknown person.

This new feature is spotted on the Android beta version of Whatsapp. All the beta testers can now use this feature. However, it is not known when the feature will be available to all the users.

Create Poll In Whatsapp Groups

Apart from this, Whatsapp is working on creating poll options in the groups. This feature was spotted in the Whatsapp beta for iOS After that no other details were available.

The latest update of iOS beta brings some improvements to the creating polls in group feature. This feature is still under development. WABetainfo shows a few possible options for the poll. It might add up to 12 possible options and while creating a poll, you can move the position of the options.


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