Unquestionably the popular instant messaging application WhatsApp is one of the best services for users to exchange messages worldwide. But, recently WhatsApp goes down and social media erupts as millions of users left ‘in turmoil’.

WhatsApp DOWN – Chat App NOT WORKING For Millions Of Users

WhatsApp stopped working this Friday morning for an hour. The popular instant messaging application began to register connection failures around 9:00 am, leaving several areas of Europe, South Africa, Malaysia, a small part of China and another part of the India, as can be seen in Downdetector, a service that collects fault records of the most popular digital services.

By regions, Europe and Southeast Asia were the territories that registered the greatest number of incidents. According to data from the Outage Report portal, the United Kingdom, Italy and India were the three countries most affected by the interruption of service.

The fall affected both Apple and Android users and, starting at ten, began to be solved, allowing the entry and exit of messages first on the iPhone and then on the phones that work with the Google operating system, of course, Android.

The problem specifically affected the sending of messages, which was visually represented in the chats through the clock icon, which informs that the text is not being sent and is often associated with connection problems on the part of the sender.

Thus, the fall “could be associated with technical problems rather than a service attack”, according to the expert in computer security and Ethical Hacking, Deepak Daswani, since, “there have been hardly any problems with hacktivist attacks on this platform”.

For now, neither the company nor Facebook, owner of WhatsApp, have reported the reasons for the failure. This is the second big fall that affects a service that is part of the matrix owned by Mark Zuckerberg in the last month. On October 11, the Facebook and Instagram social networks also experienced operating problems that prevented them from accessing their platforms.

As usual, when this service stops working, its users went to other platforms, such as Twitter or Mark Zuckerberg’s network, to check if the failure was a particular error or a global fall, and to complain and regret the situation.

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