All Whatsapp users must be aware of this new scam that can steal your personal and financial data like bank and card details.

However, it is not known when the scam started, but according to the reports in CNBC, a large group of people is affected by this new Whatsapp scam.

As it is the holiday season, the scammers shared fake links that promise to provide expensive gifts. The spam links also infect Windows PC, Android, and iOS smartphones.

Beware of New Whatsapp Scam, Phishing Links Are Been Shared

WhatsApp Scam Alert: It Might Steal Your Bank Account Details

A dangerous Whatsapp scam is named The scammers send a link to the Whatsapp users, and once they click on it, a website opens that says to fill a survey and win a reward.

Once the user answers the questions, they are asked to fill in some of the details like name, age, address, bank information, and other details.

The users have entered all the details, and now it’s with the scammers. They can misuse the details to make fraud transactions or do illegal activities. The scammers might sell the details on the dark web to the criminals. They can also install unwanted apps on the user’s device.

If you receive a message on Whatsapp with a link in it, then you should immediately report it as spam and delete it. Do not click on it and fill in the details, if not, you will be scammed.

Cybercriminals might use the information to send spam and malicious emails. The phishing websites first check the IP address of the user to check their location and then change the language of the page and shows a few scam schemes.

If you mistakenly click on the links, your device might be affected by malware, adware, or PUAs. When you see any suspicious advertisement or are redirected to any unwanted site when you browse something, there might be malware on your device. So, you must uninstall the apps which are suspicious.


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