WhatsApp is testing
WhatsApp is testing "Quote" Feature in its Android App

As we all know Messaging apps such as Whatsapp, Messenger are important and they are used by numerous users every day by looking at this fact, Whatsapp has recently rolled out the new feature for Android users that lets user quote a particular message and reply to it. Currently, the new feature is spotted on android beta testers.

WhatsApp is testing “Quote” Feature in its Android App

WhatsApp introduces a new feature which is available on iOS and Android updates for some users, it allows you to directly answer particular message sent within a conversation as a quote. This characteristic will be available for both person-to-person chats and in groups too.

The procedure to use this feature is simple. The process is very comparable to how people answer to comments in online forums. Users just need to select the message which they want to quote and will have to long press on the message and the pop-up will appear in which users have to choose the option of “Reply” and WhatsApp will automatically show the preview as the quoted message.

Users can quote old messages with this new feature in which the receiver doesn’t need to scroll back to see the message. The receiver simply needs to click on the quoted message and WhatsApp will ultimately take them back to the original message. The feature also applies to media sent by the application.

Currently, this feature is only available for beta testers, but we can hope it will reach to every user soon. The feature was also spotted on iOS devices. However, it is still to be clear either it was going to release for iOS.

As we all know, Whatsapp chats are now fully encrypted by end-to-end encryption which simply means no third-party can read your conservation. Whatsapp also spotted working on with a video-calling feature on beta testers. So video-calling feature is also a pending task of Whatsapp which we can hope to arrive soon.


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