WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform in the world. However, it has become the target of new scams. If you use WhatsApp, then it is necessary for you to read this whole thread.

WhatsApp To START CHARGING Users? Message Sparks Fear Of Incoming Costs

If we give one dollar each time then there is a canard about WhatsApp, we could get the total hold of the convertible newsroom. The popular instant messaging application WhatsApp is one of the easy targets for deception, because you get a lot of users in a very short period, as the spread of false messages is almost faster than from our Facebook walls.

If you check your phone, you’re probably into several groups, Several families, friends, work, the people that salt spree, so, think about that how easy it is to copy a message and send it to another group, the spread is almost child’s play.

Many WhatsApp users ignorantly click on malicious links which then redirects them to fraud website which is displaying huge discounts coupons in the name of popular shopping sites.

We all know very well that the WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform through which messages, news travel much faster than any email. So, it is not surprising that this platform is prostrate to scams, deception, and fake messages.

Recently, a new message being circulated, which states that “WhatsApp is to begin charging users for each and every message.” Sounds ridiculous right, as it will be.

However, you should not worry about that as all these are simply nonsense, and thus you are not going to be charged to use the popular and widely used messaging app WhatsApp anytime soon. This hoax message claims that soon all the users will be charged “0.01p per message” simply to continue using the Facebook-owned service and popular messaging app WhatsApp.

Initially, this hoax message appeared in 2012 when the same hoax or fake message was sent to many users for the purpose of gaining adhesion. Now once again the same thing was being circulated which simply sparked fear among the users.

Here is what the Facebook-owned service and popular messaging app WhatsApp’s response to such scams, hence also advising users on how to take action, “We always advise you to block the sender, disregard the message and delete it.”

Here are few more tips for the future reference, as WhatsApp itself states that users should stay aware of all these scams and hoax as well as also look out for these points mentioned below:-

(#) The sender always claims to be affiliated with WhatsApp.
(#) The message content also includes instructions to simply forward the message.
(#) The message also claims that you can simply avoid punishment, like account suspension, if you forward the message.
(#) In many cases, these type messages also include a reward or gift from WhatsApp or another person.

So, to avoid all these types of scams, we will advise you to take care of all these points mentioned above, as all these important points are only stated and advised by the Facebook-owned service and popular messaging app WhatsApp itself.


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