Today, WhatsApp announced some significant improvements to group chats in their blog post. WhatsApp also defined their new upcoming communities feature.

Recently, Meta-owned WhatsApp has introduced its WhatsApp Pay to 100 Million Users in India, and now, the company has also confirmed some recently leaked features with this announcement.

The WhatsApp upcoming Community tab will allow users to connect to several appropriate groups. As the company stated, this feature will bring all the separate groups under one umbrella.

WhatsApp Soon Turn Group Chats into ‘Communities’ with New Features

WhatsApp Soon Turn Group Chats into 'Communities' with New Features

As we reported in our earlier report, WhatsApp had been spotted testing a new tab named ‘Community Tab‘. Now WhatsApp officially shares details and its vision for communities on WhatsApp. You can see what it will look like in the app interface; check this earlier report.

WhatsApp has also posted about its new Communities feature with a short video on Twitter

WhatsApp’s Blog also revealed some new features which come with new Communities to enhance the group chats experience:


WhatsApp announced a new message reaction feature that would allow users to react to messages like Meta’s other chats platform and this feature contains all emojis and skin tones. This feature will also be usable in normal chats.

32 Person in One Audio Call

32-Person Voice Call on WhatsAppA new voice calling that allows up to 32 people and also includes a new design for experience refreshed live group calling.

Admin Delete

With this feature, group admins can manage group messages more effectively, Group admins will be able to remove errant or problematic messages from everyone’s chats.

File-Sharing Up to 2GB

Last month, we already informed WhatsApp’s File Sharing Up to 2GB feature that will allow users to share large files up to 2GB directly through WhatsApp chat. This feature will also be workable outside group chats.

Currently, WhatsApp hasn’t revealed any launch date, but it confirmed that Communities and included all the above features will be rolled out later this year. If there is any other information that arrives, we will let you know.


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