On Android devices, you can turn off the vibration for notifications, incoming calls, SMS, etc. However, what if your phone vibrates even if the vibration is turned off completely?

Recently, a few Android users have messaged us asking, ‘Why does my Android phone vibrate for no reason’. Android users have no clue why their phone is vibrating without any reason.

So, if you’ve been recently facing the same vibration problem on your Android smartphone, you have landed on the right page. This article will explain why Android phone randomly vibrates for no reason and how to resolve it.

How does a cell phone vibrate?

Before checking the solutions to resolve the problem, let’s know how a cell phone vibrates. A tiny piece of the motor causes vibration on your smartphone. The tiny motor is inside your phone with a small off-balanced weight on the end.

So, when your phone rings, the motor spins the weight, which triggers the vibration. So, if your Android phone is vibrating for no reason, chances are that something is forcing the vibration motor to spin the weight.

Why Does My Phone Randomly Vibrate?

Your phone may vibrate for no reason due to several issues. If the phone randomly vibrates without notification, it’s because of an application or a bug. Below, we have shared a few simple reasons why your phone keeps vibrating for no reason.

System Level Glitches

One of the prominent reasons for random vibrations on phones is system-level glitches. Generally, it’s hard to determine whether it’s a bug or a glitch triggering the vibration. However, the phone vibrating randomly is mostly a result of a glitch that may be fixed with a simple restart.

Malicious Apps

Yes! You read that right! Malicious apps are another reason why your phone vibrates randomly. Chances are that malicious apps are running in the background and sending alerts to your device. So, you need to find and fix the malicious or buggy apps on your smartphone.

Buggy Software Updates

Many users have dealt with such issues after installing the latest software updates. If you’re experiencing phone vibration without any reason after installing the software update, the software update is to be blamed. You can’t do much here apart from waiting for your phone manufacturer to release an update with a possible patch.

Hardware Problems

Issues with the vibration motor installed on your phone can be another reason for this type of problem. You can run a diagnostic tool and see if everything is okay with the vibration motor.

Or else, if you suspect hardware issues, you can take your phone to the local service center and ask them to fix the problem.

How to Fix Android Phone Vibrating For No Reason?

Well, there is not one but many different methods to resolve Android randomly vibrating without any reason problem. Below, we have shared a few tips which may help you resolve the issue.

1. Restart your Android device

Restart your Android smartphone

Well, the very first that you should do is restart your Android device. There may be certain processes running in the background triggering the vibration.

Restarting your Android will release all such processes from the background and only load the system apps. Also, restarting Android will rule out the bugs & glitches.

To restart your Android smartphone, press the Power button and select Restart. Your smartphone will power off and start automatically within a few seconds.

2. Change the Sound Mode

Chances are that your Android phone is set to vibration mode only. When the Sound Mode of Android is set to Vibrate, your phone will only vibrate while receiving app alerts, calls, messages, etc. So, you need to change the sound mode to resolve the problem.

1. First of all, open the Settings app on your Android. On Settings, tap on Sound & Vibration.

Sound & Vibration

2. On the Sound & Vibration, tap on the Sound Mode.

Sound Mode

3. Select either Ringing or Silent Mode on the Sound Mode prompt.

Silent Mode

That’s it! Your phone won’t vibrate when it receives app alerts, calls, notifications, SMS, etc.

3. Turn off the Vibration for App Alerts

A few problematic apps can still trigger the vibration even when your smartphone turns off the Vibrate mode. This happens when the app fails to deliver the notification properly. In most cases, you can’t figure out the problematic app because the notification fails to arrive on your phone. However, the best thing you can do is recall the last app installed and turn off vibrate mode.

1. Open the Settings app on your Android and tap on the Apps.


2. On the Apps, tap on App Management.

App Management

3. Now select the app you’ve recently installed. On the App info screen, tap on Manage Notifications.

Manage Notifications

4. On the Notification management screen. Turn off the toggle for ‘Vibrate‘.

Turn off

That’s it! You must repeat the steps for every app you think creates a problem.

4. Check whether haptic feedback is turned on

Check whether haptic feedback is turned on

Haptic Feedback or touch feedback could be another reason for a phone vibrating for no reason. When the haptic feedback is turned on, a random touch on your screen or keyboard can trigger a vibration.

Chances are you’re not a fan of touch feedback but enabled it accidentally. So, you need to ensure that the touch feedback of your phone is not enabled.

Head to Settings > Sound and Vibration and turn off all vibration options. You will also find an option named Touch Feedback or System Haptics; you need to turn off that as well.

5. Update Your Android Apps

Android phones vibrating randomly may be a result of software or app glitches. Sometimes, bugs in existing apps also trigger this problem. The best way to rule out Android vibrating for no reason problem is by updating all installed apps. Here’s how to update all your Android apps.

1. First, open the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone.

2. Next, tap on the profile picture in the top-right corner.

profile picture

3. Select ‘Manage apps and device‘ from the list of options.

Manage apps and device

4. On the Manage Apps and Device screen, tap the Update All button underneath the Updates available section.

Update All

That’s it! Now, Google Play Store will update all outdated apps on your Android smartphone.

6. Install the Android Updates

Just like App updates, operating system updates were equally important. Many users have already claimed to resolve Android phone vibrating for no reason problem just by updating their Android version. You can also try to check whether the problem has been resolved.

1. First, open the Settings app on your Android device.

2. Next, scroll down to the end and tap on About Device.

About Device

3. On the About Device screen, tap on the Software update. Now, your phone will automatically check for available firmware updates. If any update is available, make sure to download & install it.

Software update

7. Factory Reset Your Android Phone

If nothing worked and your phone is still vibrating, it’s best to factory reset your Android phone. However, note that a Factory reset will erase all files and settings from your device.

It will roll back your Android to its factory state. So, before resetting your Android, back up your important files.

1. First, open the Settings app and tap on System Settings.

System Settings

2. On the System Settings, scroll down to the bottom and tap on Back up and Reset.

Back up and Reset

3. On the next screen, tap on the Reset Phone option.

Reset Phone

4. On the Reset Phone screen, tap on Erase all data.

Erase all data

That’s it! This is how you can reset your Android to its factory settings.

8. Check for Hardware Issues

Phone vibration randomly isn’t always the fault of the software. Sometimes, it could be a sign of hardware issues like a faulty vibration motor.

Since figuring out the hardware issues is difficult, the best you can do is run a diagnostic tool and see if it’s all okay with the vibration motor.

Or else, you can take your phone to a local technician and ask them to investigate the problem. They will probably find the hardware issue and fix it.

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So, these are a few simple steps to fix the ‘Why does my Android phone vibrate for no reason’ problem. If you need more help resolving the random vibration problem on Android, let us know in the comment box below. Also, if the article helped you, share it with your friends.


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