We all know very well that how updates and fixes are necessary and extremely important, but, the tech giant Microsoft’s Windows 10 updates can often be a real headache. However, now according to the latest reports, the tech giant Microsoft’s Windows 10 now uses AI to stop updates installing when a PC is in use.

Windows 10 Now Uses AI To Stop Updates Installing When A PC Is In Use

Although it is necessary and extremely important, but, Windows 10 updates can often be a real headache. The biggest problem is at the moment that Windows 10 decides that it is necessary to restart itself, often not respecting the will of the users.

This scenario now seems to belong to the past, after the tech giant Microsoft has changed the way it decides the best time to reboot. As the tech giant Microsoft will begin to use the AI to choose this moment, based on the use that is given to the computer.

With the ever-increasing automation of the Windows 10 update system, users will no longer be able to control how and when these improvements are installed. All management is delivered to the operating system, which decides the best time.

With the presentation of Build 17723 and Build 18204, for the Insiders program, the tech giant Microsoft also announced another novelty. Windows 10 will become smarter with regard to upgrades and decision-making for its application.

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In practice, this ingredient will evaluate in more detail the use of the system and identify moments in which the updates can be installed, without having any impact on users and without interrupting their work.

The way to do this will be simple and will use Artificial Intelligence, which will evaluate the usage patterns of Windows 10.

This is still a novelty that will only be available in the test builds and has been in internal tests in the tech giant Microsoft, has shown a great maturity and, therefore, the possibility of being applied in the test builds of Windows 10.

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The tech giant Microsoft has made changes to this Windows 10 update system, trying to find the ideal way to install them, without this impacting users, ensuring that situations such as happened in the past, restarting at work, now it will not happen anymore.

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