Microsoft: Windows 10 Insiders Using AMD SoCs Won't Receive Latest Preview Build
Microsoft: Windows 10 Insiders Using AMD SoCs Won't Receive Latest Preview Build

We all know that Microsoft has tried all kinds of tricks so that the largest number of users possible will be passed to Windows 10. But, now the tech giant Microsoft blocking AMD SoC users from receiving the latest Windows 10 preview build.

Microsoft: Windows 10 Insiders Using AMD SoCs Won’t Receive Latest Preview Build

The Insider program in Windows 10 allows us to test the news of this operating system before they reach all users. Being trial versions, they are prone to errors and problems, which turn out to be natural.

The latest bug affects PCs with AMD processors and the tech giant Microsoft has decided to leave them out of the build, avoiding major problems for users.

It was Microsoft itself that announced the problem and that it was blocking the installation of the Windows Insiders build 17035. According to the company, there is an unidentified bug that is causing problems during the upgrade, which will have led to this interruption in making this release available for AMD processors.

“Due to a bug that causes PCs with AMD processors to bug check during upgrading to current builds, we are blocking PCs with AMD processors from receiving this build. We are investigating and working to fix this problem”.

The tech giant Microsoft has also ensured that it is working to discover the cause of this problem and to find a solution that will incorporate into the next builds, bringing AMD processors back into the testing program.

The Windows Insiders build 17035, released last Wednesday, brings a lot of new features to Windows 10. What stands out is the arrival of Near Share, which will allow the sharing of files between Windows machines, without this physical means are used.

There is still some news in Edge, which allows the sound of the tabs to be muted. Definitions and the Windows 10 virtual keyboard have also been improved.

It is not a fault that is considered normal, even in the Insider program, and ends up leaving many users out of these tests. The tech giant Microsoft is expected to solve the problem soon and continue the developments of what will be the next major update of Windows 10, expected by spring of next year.

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