The multinational technology company Microsoft’s Windows 10 has learned a new skill to send and receive SMS directly from Windows 10 PC, just as same as the tech giant Apple has on its OS X Yosemite and iOS 8.

Windows 10 Has Learned To Send And Receive SMS

The multinational technology company Microsoft has taken the path of Apple and added to the Windows 10 Mobile integration with the desktop version of “Windows” in the face of a new feature for sending messages between a smartphone and a computer. While it is only available to participants in the testing program. It takes the same Windows 10 mobile compatible device, for example, the Lumia 650 and 950, as well as the inclusion of functions in a Microsoft account.

Once the user synchronized message function on all selected devices with Windows 10, it is possible to use SMS, not only on your phone. The ability to send and receive SMS, using a PC with Windows 10, provides a feature called Messaging Everywhere.

The ability to send and receive SMS using a PC with Windows 10, gives a feature called “Messaging Everywhere”. So, to turn the feature on into Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview, you need to enter your Microsoft account on your Windows smartphone and activate the mobile device settings, select “Send texts on all of my Windows devices”. Then on your computer just go to the Messaging app and specify that messages sent through the Windows smartphone.

On the Mac, there is a similar function with OS X Yosemite and iOS 8, both came back in 2014. The technology is called Continuity. Just as in the case of Microsoft solution does not work with smartphones of other manufacturers or companies. Microsoft also has a similar situation like Apple has, as they just work on a bunch of Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, same as the OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 does.

Together with the launch of Messaging Everywhere Microsoft has refused to integrate Skype messaging with Windows 10 in favor of the new version of the application system – Skype Universal Windows Platform (UWP). The client version that is included in Windows 10 Desktop Insider Preview, added the possibility of collaboration, including video conferencing and the version of Skype for Windows Mobile 10 also promised to release in the near future.


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