Without Money, Struggled for food: Paytm founder
Without Money, Struggled for food: Paytm founder

The founder of the India’s number 1 Wallet Site “PayTM” owner shares his struggles during his early stage of life. He could not fully understood English and had problems while listening lectures.

Vijay Shanker Sharma, PayTM’s founder said that after he got his engineering degree, he didn’t find the job easily and toiled hard for food because he din’t had sufficient money.

Without Money, Struggled for food: Paytm founder

Sharma said, after he received an Honorary Doctorate degree from Amity University Gurgaon, he confronted many difficulties even after completing his engineering but he never gave up.

Sharma also said his parents tried to pressurize him to get married.

“I was facing a hard time without job. I was not in position to explain the situation to my family. I had to travel 14 km from Priya Cinema in Vasant Kunj to Kashmere Gate, my college campus, for a meal.”

Sharma who belongs from a Hindi Background, he said in the year 1998 he confronted many challenges after taking admission in English Medium Engineering course in electronics and communication in Delhi.

Sharma Said “I was nervous as I could not understand what was taught in class. I was always worried how I would pass my examinations,”

He also said when he thought of the concept of PayTM, he discussed it with some people, however they titled it as foolish idea and tried to discouraging him saying if it won’t work, someone else would have done this before you.

So, this is all about the story of Vijay Sharma who faced many challenges during the initial stages of his life but now is the owner of top wallet site of India “PayTM” which is now valued at $1.83 Billion. We hope that you loved this article, feel free to share this motivational story with your friends.


  1. This what the story of many entrepreneurs is. It’s very difficult to conceive their situation. Very inspiring.

    Thank you for sharing.


  2. and i am in his position right now..working in oil & GAS.. i lost my job earlier 2015 where the oil price drops down, ..currently unemployed, just doing self part time short term job for a living for the sake of my children and wife.. everytime i wakeup , every time I wake up , hopefully think what I went through when this was just a dream … every morning .. I believe someday I will share success stories I like him in this blog .. : }

    • I understand your pain brother. Don’t give up.. You can clearly see how the owner of $1 Billion dollar company struggled for food in his initial life and he earns millions dollars every month 🙂 ….


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