Researchers have discovered that computer code written by women is likely to be rated more highly than that of written by men, only when they don’t disclose their gender.

Women Write Better Code than Men, reveals new study

The study revealed by American Researchers is based on 1.4 Million users of the open source program sharing service “Github”.

The new study also revealed that Students paid distinct attention to “Pull Requests” made on the service by women were found to be highly rated than those made by men.

Also, when the gender of some user’s was visible on their Github or other site, their pull request acceptance rate plunged down by 9.3 percent and also taking it below the rate for men.

Also, this research needs proper examination. It seems that the results disclosed doesn’t have been judged by other experts.

The team assumed that “Our results suggest that although women on Github may be more competent overall, bias against them exists nonetheless.”

Github is a web based developer community which doesn’t make it mandatory for users to mention their gender. As per Wikipedia, Github is having nearly 10 Million users.

Now the question may have popped in your mind that “How did researchers were able to carry this survey when Github’s user’s gender was not known? The Team who carried this survey were able to distinguish the genders of about 1.4 Million users because the users used their GitHub’s email on other social networking websites like Google+.

Although researchers admitted that this was a privacy risk but said that they wont reveal the raw data.

So, now you came to know that women can also code better than men. If you liked this article, share it.


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