We all know Nulled is a major online hacking forum where hackers exchange stolen credit card and identity details, malware creation kits, and cracks into common software platforms.

But, recently, the major online hacking forum Nulled was hacked by the hacker, who leaked many details about the 470,000 hackers and thieves.

World’s Top Hacker Website Nulled Was Hacked By Hacker

In an appetizingly unexpected turn, the dark web hacking forum “Nulled.io” has its user database stolen and been published publicly for all to see, as it is a major online hacking forum that was hacked, where tons of details about the 470,000 hackers and thieves have been leaked online publicly.

The leaked data also contained over 5,000 purchase records relating to the exchange of stolen information. Hence, the site has been taken offline, stating it is experiencing “routine maintenance”.

According to the reports, the unknown hackers have cracked into the site’s database and published an SQL file ( 9.45GB) named db.sql, which shows the emails, geo-location data, and those activities who logged on to the forum.

The security experts from Risk Based Security said, “Considering this forum promotes the sharing of these activities, it makes this breach quite ironic. Nulled.IO was running the IP.Board community forum is commonly known as IP.b or IPb.

It appears that the forum was also running an IP. Nexus Setup for its marketplace and VIP forums among a few other IPb plugins”.

Hence, the security experts from Risk Based Security also added, “As you can imagine, this can lead to significant problems for forum users.

Moreover, the hacked database listed 20 .gov email accounts which indicates that the state-sponsored hacking teams were active on the site, and those are from countries like the United States, Philippines, Brazil, Turkey, and others.

But, if law enforcement obtains this information (which, no doubt, they already have), it can be used to filter out any “suspects” under investigation for possibly conducting illegal activities via the forums”.


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