The Chinese Smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi has proven that it knows how to launch good products with very competitive prices, hence, Xiaomi has launched a new pair of smart shoes which has an inbuilt Intel processor.

Xiaomi Just Launched New Smart Shoes With Intel Processor

The Chinese Smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi likes to put technology in everything, hence, now it has launched a new model of smart shoes, which this time come equipped with an Intel processor.

It is not the first incursion of the Chinese brand in this type of product. It was last year when Xiaomi launched Li-Ning Smart Shoes, its first smart sports shoe model, after partnering with Li-Ning, the country’s biggest supplier of shoes and sports equipment.

They were equipped with various military grade sensors to monitor the steps or the number of calories consumed, as well as with Bluetooth connection so that the user could connect to the app on his/her smartphone and consult the data of his/her activity.

Now, Xiaomi returns to the charge with a new pair of smart shoes, the Xiaomi 90 Minutes Ultra Smart. This time, the company has chosen an Intel Curie processor, which is a System on Chip (SoC) with the size of a button, with 32-bit architecture, 80 kB of SRAM and 384 KB of flash memory. In addition, it is equipped with everything you need on your footwear to record all your physical activity: gyroscopes, accelerometers, Bluetooth connectivity.

Like its predecessors, the Xiaomi 90 Minutes Ultra Smart Shoes will be able to communicate with a mobile phone application so that the user can keep track of their physical activity. They can account for steps, calories, speed or distance. Its functions are powered by a battery that provides 60 days of autonomy.

The Xiaomi smart shoes are available in four different models (two for female and two for male). At the moment they will only go on sale in China at a price of 299 yuan (which is around $43.23 in US Dollar and in Indian currency Rs.2874.53 at current exchange rate). But, for now, we do not know if they will also reach the other Asian market or not.

So, what do you think about this new smart shoes? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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