The company, of course, the well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi wants to re-brand the Mi Mix line with more technology, more innovation and for that purpose, hence, it has just launched the all-new Mi Mix 3.

Xiaomi Just Launched Its All-New Beast ‘Mi Mix 3’

The well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer, of course, Xiaomi marked the smartphone market a few years ago with the introduction of Mi Mix. Yes, the Mi Mix line came to show that it was possible to have a device where the whole front was a screen, where the concepts could change, whether in the technologies of photography, sound or image.

Hence, the company, of course, the well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi wants to re-brand the Mi Mix line with more technology, more innovation and for that purpose, it has presented today the all-new Mi Mix 3.

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The well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer, of course, Xiaomi announced the Mi MiX 3, the latest release of its full-screen smartphone series. It’s more of a high-end Chinese device with a huge relationship between the body of the device and the screen that covers it. This screen technology can even hide the front cameras with a mechanism that allows you to slide the screen, something that was already known.

Mi MIX 3 features 93.4% screen

Regarding the sliding structure, unlike Vivo Nex or Oppo Find X, this Mi MIX 3 slider is not powered by motors. CEO Lei Jun compares the design to the old phones and suggests that this move will be relaxing and users will love it.

Xiaomi claims an occupancy of 93.4% on the front area of the screen and reduced the “bezels” at the bottom of the screen by almost 4.5 millimeters compared to the Mi Mix 2S.

In terms of specs, Mi MIX 3 moves the series to AMOLED, with a 6.39-inch 1080p panel. There are four cameras in total: on the back is a pair of the 12-megapixel sensor, one wide-angle and one telephoto, and the front has a 24-megapixel selfie camera supported by a 2-megapixel sensor.

Moreover, the all-new Mi Mix 3 features the fingerprint sensor on the backside, so unlike Oppo Find X, which uses facial recognition only to unlock, so, you do not need to open the cameras whenever you want to unlock it.

As with all other high-end Android phones this year, Mi MIX 3 also has a Snapdragon 845 processor but goes even further when it features a 10GB RAM memory in a special version for the Chinese market. For the global market, there are versions with 6 and 8GB of RAM, with 128GB and 256GB, respectively.

More and better accessories

We start by showing what comes in the box. It makes a difference to pay and to have inside the package something more than a simple cable and an outlet. As Xiaomi in the new Mi Mix 3 will bring more simply with the protections for the smartphone and wireless chargers. So, who else does this?

In the box will be included a 10W wireless charger so that the user can take advantage of the technology that this new smartphone also brings, as the brand has already done. The brand guarantees that it will provide up to 30% more speed to charge wirelessly.

A smartphone already with 5G connectivity?

Thinking about the upcoming news in terms of connectivity, Xioami has already prepared a 5G version, ready to be launched in Europe early next year. It will be a powerful thrust for this technology to hit the market in the coming months.

The device, presented in a majestic way, which is available in three colors: Onyx Black, Jade Green, and Sapphire Blue. They are colors that produce more light in the ceramic body and that connect very well with the black of the screen.

Price and availability

The Mi MIX 3 will be released on November 1 in China, from 3,299 yuan, about 475 dollars for a model with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage; this is the same base price of the Mi 2S of 64GB when it was released.

For the 8GB version of RAM and 256GB of storage, the price stands at 3,999 yuan, about $575. The 10 GB model is a special version which comes with 512GB of storage and costs 4,999 yuan, about 720 dollars.

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Prices for the European market have not yet been announced and soon we will know more about the prices that will be practiced in our market. So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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