YouTube, the video-hosting and streaming service, is bringing online games for its Premium subscribers that can be directly played on the YouTube app on Android, iOS, and Web.

YouTube Brings ‘Playables’ Gaming Feature For Premium Users

YouTube Brings 'Playables' Gaming Feature

The company first introduced this new gaming feature called “Playables” to select users in September 2023 and has since been in an experimental phase. However, it is now available to a limited group of YouTube Premium subscribers.

Playables is a collection of 37 mini-games with an arcade-themed experience within the YouTube app that is free of cost (for now). These include action games like Angry Birds Showdown and Cannon Balls 3D, puzzle titles like Daily Crossword and Brain Out, and card games like Daily Solitaire and Gin Rummy.

The video streaming platform started notifying YouTube Premium members last week about YouTube Playables and how they can access the feature on their account.

To access YouTube Playables, Premium users must opt-in to the feature and go to the dedicated section on the Explore Tab of YouTube. From there, you can start playing games instantly on your device without downloading them.

How To Enable Playable Feature On YouTube

To play games on YouTube, you need to launch the YouTube app on an Android or iOS device or visit the YouTube website on the Web. You can discover the Playables option in the Explore menu on the app or by scrolling down the homepage to find a Playables shelf.

However, please ensure that the ‘Play games on YouTube’ option on the experimental features page is turned on. This can also be accessed on the YouTube app on mobile by tapping on your profile symbol in the lower right corner, then scrolling down to “Your Premium benefits” and tapping on “Try experimental new features.”

The Playables feature is available to YouTube Premium members until March 28, 2024. Like Netflix Games, the arcade service could later see a broader rollout to subscribers and offer additional premium games in the future.


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