While we have many video streaming services today, none are free. Video streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., have much original content, but you can’t watch them for free. You can watch videos on such video streaming services only after subscribing to a premium monthly plan.

If you are someone who can’t afford to subscribe to a premium video streaming service, you might already be looking for the free options. Fortunately, you have quite a few sites from where you can legally watch free movies and TV shows. One such site is YouTube which has countless channels offering licensed films that you can watch for free.

List of 10 Best YouTube Channels to Watch Free Movies & Shows

You can watch the video contents of these channels for free and legally. Hence, in this article, we will list some of the best YouTube channels to watch free movies & TV shows. Here are the best YouTube channels to watch free movies and TV Shows.

1. Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean

We all have grown up watching the Mr. Bean comedy series on our television. And if you want to relive those memories, Mr. Bean is the YouTube channel you should subscribe to.

This is the official channel of Mr.Bean that has over 30 million subscribers. You can subscribe to the channel to watch short-form, animated, live-action, and full-length comedy videos of the Mr.Bean series.

2. Movie Central

Movie Central

Movie Central is one of the best YouTube channels you can subscribe to if you want to watch full-length movies. Unlike other YouTube channels, Movie Central focuses only on the Movies. The channel has playlists for different types of Movie genres such as Urban Movies, Rom-Com Movies, Monster movies, War movies, and more.

The description of Movie Central says that all of the contents published on the channel are under legal license from various copyright holders and distributors. This means you can watch movies online on this channel without worrying about breaking any law.

3. Horror Central

Horror Central

If you are a huge fan of the Horror genre, you might prefer subscribing to the Horror Central YouTube channel. Just like the Movie Central, Horror Central has movies that you can watch for free without worrying about breaking any law,

All the content shared on the platform is under legal license from various copyright holders and distributors. It also has playlists for different horror categories such as Slasher horror, psychological horror, possession horror, monster horror, and more.

4. Watch Movies Now!

Watch Movies Now!

This is another best YouTube channel for horror movie fans. You will find various horror movies on Watch Movies Now! All of the movies are legally licensed.

You can subscribe to this channel to watch slasher horror, Paranormal Horror, Dark Fantasy, Found Footage, Zombie Movie, and more. Watch Movies Now! is another great YouTube channel to watch horror movies for free.

5. Barbarella X: Science Fiction Movies

Barbarella X: Science Fiction Movies

If you are a fan of the science fiction genre, you shouldn’t miss Barbarella X: Science Fiction Movies. It’s a Youtube channel that focuses only on the science fiction genre. The channel had already published several popular Sci-Fi movie titles like Independence Wars, Genesis, Lost at War, and more.

The only drawback of Barbarella X: Science Fiction Movies channel is that it only has a handful of content. And the channel published the last movie almost 6 months ago. So, the channel is not very active, but it already has a few popular Sci-Fi movies that you can watch for free.

6. Sci-Fi Central

Sci-Fi Central

Both Sci-Fi Central and Movie Central is owned and operated by the same VA Media Ltd. Sci-Fi Central is a YouTube channel created for Science Fiction lovers. The YouTube channel has Sci-Fi movies and TV Shows that you can watch for free.

Sci-Fi Central also has documentary content for Ancient aliens, UFOs, and Paranormal fans. Overall, Sci-Fi Central is a great Youtube channel for watching Sci-Fi movies & TV shows for free and legally.

7. FilmRise Movies

FilmRise Movies

Well, if you don’t know, FilmRise is a free film and television studio that offers full-length movies & TV shows. It has a Youtube channel called FilmRise Movies which publishes movies & TV shows for free.

For free, you can watch some popular movie titles on its Youtube channel, such as Inferno, Diary of a Serial Killer, Deadly Target, and more. The channel has limited content, but all are popular and uploaded in HD quality.

8. Movie Express

Movie Express

Movie Express is a YouTube channel popular because of Indian TV Shows and Movies. You can subscribe to the Movie Express YouTube channel to watch the latest blockbuster Telugu Movies, Tollywood Movies, Comedy Movies, Action Movies, and more.

So, Movie Express is a YouTube channel for Indian users, and it offers hundreds of full-length movies to watch online.

9. PizzaFlix


PizzaFlix is an all-rounder on the list as it has movies of various genres. You can subscribe to the PizzaFlix YouTube channel to watch comedy, action, thriller, romantic, and animated movies for free.

Apart from the Movies, PizzaFlix also has many classic TV Shows with full episodes. Overall, PizzaFlix is a great YouTube channel to watch movies & TV Shows for free and legally.

10. Timeless Classic Movies

Timeless Classic Movies

If you love to watch old classic movies, you would like to subscribe to Timeless Classic Movies. Timeless Classic Movies is a YouTube channel with a fine collection of classic films like Tarzan an the Green Goddess, Nosferatu, A Life at Stake, The Way Ahead, and more.

You will find movies of various genres on this channel, including Thriller, Science Fiction, Horror, Mystery, Comedy, Drama, and more.

You can watch full-length movies of every genre on these YouTube channels. So, these are some of the best YouTube channels to watch free movies and TV shows legally. If you know of any other such YouTube channels, let us know in the comment box below.


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