YouTube is planning to introduce a new Podcast dedicated homepage and other features regarding the audio content. A leaked presentation file revealed YouTube’s podcast dashboard mock, audio ads, and partnership plan details.

As we all know, Youtube is a huge platform that inspires a lot of talent and makes it visible, and YouTube is also adding every form of content to their app recently; they also introduced short videos on their platform.

In past months, many rumors revolve around YouTube Podcasts, but a report by PodNews has shared a sample of the YouTube Podcasts’ dashboard and some of the essential keys from the leaked 84-page slide.

YouTube Soon Introduce Features for Podcast Creators

YouTube Soon Introduce Features Podcast Creators
credits: Podnews

YouTube is putting its effort into making its platform podcasters friendly, which might help more podcast creators. Lately, YouTube has also given the role of “Podcast Lead” to decade-long employee Kai Chuk. That directly shows YouTube’s interest in the growing favor of audio form content.

According to PodNews, Youtube will bring the direct option of RSS feeds, which leads to a simpler and easier way to upload podcasts, and creators also get opportunities to promote it with ordinary artwork thumbnails.

Youtube may feature audio ads in two types. Google-sold audio ads will be like YouTube’s standard practice, which shares revenue with the publisher. Other Partner-sold audio ads are also provided by Google and by partners.

YouTube will also supply its standard analytics, particularly “new metrics for audio-first creators.” The company appears to be working with podcast attribution like that available from Nielsen, Podtrac, and Chartable.

In the future, may YouTube also add other attributions like Anchor, and they may also add some elements related to Google Podcast, which might connect both platforms.

The company hasn’t revealed or announced Youtube Podcast, but we can hope Youtube makes an announcement soon. Still, it’s a mystery that the homepage URL will be (a URL that doesn’t work yet).


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